You May Have Left Me, But I Still Pray For Us To Get Back Together Someday

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 30 April, 2018

I never believed in true love. I believed true love only exists in the pages of a book and dictionary to give readers an ordinary felling of so-called love. Of course, until I met her.

She was beautiful in her own way and yes, that first meeting was enough where I lost myself to her.

“God, I want her in my life”, my heart answered. Everything after that went well. From becoming good friends to lovebirds, we became the best for both of us.


I couldn't have asked for anything better as I got the love of my life. She completed me in all ways but then a phase came where everything started to change. She started lying and hiding things from me and I would react differently to all of it. The reason was that I used to come to know about things from someone else. Her lies and my reactions were making things worse between us.

Gradually, she started to avoid me and a time came when our relationship came to a halt.

She left me and I was completely shattered. She defended herself amongst her friends by saying that it was me who lied and controlled her. That she never loved me that way. It hurt when I came to know about it. Even then, I never cursed her nor I spoke anything bad about her.

She might have left me but she was the only thing that I wanted in my life.

I cry almost daily seeing our old conversations and pictures. I pray to God and ask only for her happiness. I have become a nyctophile who doesn’t get any sleep and fight with anxiety and depression the whole time. Sometimes, it makes me think if it was my fault completely. And because of that, I curse myself for being responsible for our breakups.

But then, one day, I saw her with a guy who was the major reason for the breakdown of our relationship. She was with the guy whom I hated the most.

It broke me and I cried like the heavy rain. My friends say that I got used to her and those three years were lies. But somehow I believe that it was love between us that kept us together for three years. I don’t know how to overcome this feeling but all I know is that I still love her and will always do till my last breath.

I still pray for her to come back in my life as she is that shining star that lights up all the darkness of my life.

If you are reading this, trust me, I am ready to make things right as I still love you. You haunt me daily as broken promises and memories. I have no clue how to move on. You are the only thing that I had wished for in my life.

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