You Call It A Mistake But I Can Never Forget Our Once-In-A-Lifetime Kiss

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 27 September, 2018

That smile! They say in one single second, a person's life can change. Well, mine did with your one smile. Why are you so cute? Why does my heart thump like it's gonna explode? Why is love so difficult? I was never a girl who was expressive so I can never tell all this to you.

So here goes the first ever love letter of my life.

I had so many men come into my life as friends, boyfriend, office crush, college crush, random crush, celebrity crush, and what not. I respected and admired few. I liked them for their height, dressing sense, cute eyes, and hot body. There was one with whom I could speak my heart out and another, I loved every word that he spoke. Love according to me is a mixture of all these feelings.

I never could understand how someone can feel all this about one single person.

I always believed that you can never love a single guy in all these ways. Well, that was until I saw you.

I fell for your smile and got blown by your intelligence and smartness. I really couldn’t see or hear anyone or anything around when you talked. Your laugh was contagious and your hands were so warm that I could hold them in a freaking winter season and feel so good. I admired you, respected you, liked you, crushed on you and of course, fantasized and loved you more than I ever did or ever will.

I clearly remember the first drunk hug in your arms where I was trying to stand straight, holding and literally clinging on to you. Your name alone stopped my heartbeat for a second and when people linked me and you, all I could do was deny it in public but blush so hard in private. Once I told you that I have a crush on you and you told me you find me cute.

We kissed and trust me, my world stopped at that kiss.

It has been two years since then and I still haven't moved on. I miss you. Those lips, that smile, your eyes, your stupid jokes, you and you in whole. I know that the kiss was something that happened out of nowhere and you are sorry for it. You have moved on. But I can never move on.

That kiss was once in a lifetime kiss and I can never forget it. I love you.

I know you are marrying a different girl, the one your family found for you. Well, congratulations. And trust me, I learnt that true love doesn't need two people to get married. Even if that doesn't happen, love stays. For me, it will till the day I live.

With that kiss and a hug, I built my world with you.

Seeing you happy still makes me smile. Seeing you sad breaks my heart and it will always remain the same.

~Yours forever (never to be)

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