Why You Should Let Him Go If He Broke Your Heart

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 8 July, 2017

As a little girl, I always believed in fairy tales. I imagined myself being Cinderella and I would believe that something magical will happen in my life too and yes, of course I was also waiting for my Prince.

Little did I know, that falling in love with a Prince in real life is just a myth. As I grew older, I realized that there is no such thing as a Prince Charming.

So, here I begin with my story, my own story. I fell in love with this guy, let’s call him Karan for now. Karan was a magical person, he was someone who could give me goosebumps. I was madly in love with him but he didn't know this. Honestly, I was the one who had initially approached him for friendship and we went on to becoming the best of friends. I guess he had an idea about how I felt but he never bothered to ask me neither did I worry about telling him as I didn't want to lose him.

Our story is quite like that of a movie’s screenplay, it has lots of plot twists and turns.

After being friends with him for one whole year, one day I thought of confessing my true feelings to him and I did just that. To my surprise, he said that he liked me too. I was elated that day, I was literally on cloud nine!

Each and every day spent with him was magical. We would spend hours together, talking and laughing with each other. But what happened next really broke my heart.

I was walking in the park one day and saw him there with a girl. After coming back home I inquired about her and he said that she was his friend. I chose to trust him and ignored the incident.


One month later, I got to know through a mutual friend that she was his girlfriend. As I heard this piece of news, my whole world was spinning but I managed not to react then. I asked him again if he loved me, and he said no. Although he had said no and I clearly was falling apart, I didn’t want to be a coward who simply cries. I have stopped talking to him ever since that day and I am surviving even though I may have thought otherwise. I know my story is a common one but I have a message for all the girls out there.

Sweethearts, if he breaks your heart, you need not go back to him because a man who breaks the heart of a woman knowing that no one can love him quite like she did, is nothing but a coward who does not deserve you.
Author's Note:

Remember that you are a princess in your own right, you are the daughter of a king and you deserve to be loved and respected. Learn to wait for your prince rather than wasting time on these stupid boys (frogs).