Why It's Absolutely Necessary For You To Be Rich To Deserve Anything In Life: I Was Poor

Tajamul Imran Syed Tajamul Imran Syed in Life Is Tough on 12 July, 2017

Life continues to flow and float at periphery,

New grooves and new dances are ahead.

The world appears to me like a pool of hopelessness and selfishness. People’s actions here are motivated by their own selfish desires and nature. They always feather their own nest. It is an impulse that makes people love and care for others.


Who doesn’t know that almost everybody in this world flatters, fondles, obeys and tries to please the bread earner of the family? Everyone is at his beck and call. He is the most important person in the family, only because he satisfies the needs of the rest of the family.

Where in the good-for-nothing idle members are shown mere lip sympathy or formal regard. They are more often disregarded and reproached for being a burden on the earning hands. The other side of the picture is this- if you can add to the pleasure of others in your company, they will celebrate and patronize your success and be a part of it.

If you happen to be fortune’s favorite, they will gather around you and kiss you as if you are the nectar. You are counted as the most capable and benevolent. You become a family name and a heartbeat to them. But everything can’t be rosy and rapturous all time.

When you start grumbling about your poverty, sorrows and sufferings; why should others weep with you? Why should they suffer in your sad company? In their mind, they would have asked you to go to hell. They move on and keep their own lives at their green meadows and salubrious space. They are sadists while their life is full of roses. They go on finding faults in your decisions and your approach to life. They never hold faith in God. I remember my personal experience which follows the bed of struggles and deep pains; a person once upon a time in life rejected me because of my poverty.

I was told, "Imran you know which class you belong to, first look at your poor condition and then talk to me." Indeed, my poverty had ruined my life.

The wound is so deep in my heart and mind that I feel sad whenever I see a poor and lonely guy anywhere. Life has always been at war with me. I lost my grandparents at a time when I needed them the most. My friends or I may call them sadistic friends, during my studies showed me stars and high hopes of friendship. I remember when a close friend, who often made high promises, betrayed me. When I called him up, he asked, "Who is this?"

I was 13 years old; my father fled his salary for 1.5 months in order to buy my school-uniform. Now I earn well. I look back at those days every day, in order to remember where I actually came from.

I know once a friend wished to visit my home, back in 2009. I refused as I thought if he will know about my muddy and shoddy house, he will not talk to me again. 7 years down the line we both are best friends and I know if I would have given him a chance to visit me that day, this wouldn’t have been possible.

They say money is important. I may be wrong. But this is what life has taught me at every stage. Today after a struggling phase, I must thank everybody, whosoever rejected me because of my poverty. If you all would have not rejected me and had helped me instead, I believe I would have lost myself.

I may have surrendered myself to my desires. I swear there is nothing as good as living to fulfill your dreams. I would like to tell everyone whom I love but who can never love me back, I am glad I fell in love with you.

There isn’t much to my life, but a mind and its thoughts, a body and its flaws, a heart with emotions which even I don’t untangle most of the times.

I fell in love with you and experienced life like it is supposed to be with the vulnerability of falling apart and with uncertainty of tomorrow. Few months ago, a friend of mine was ditched by his fiancée. He asked for my advice. All I could suggest was to pen it down. He did and succeeded and in his write-up he writes, "Sometimes we must suffer from a heartbreak to truly open up and let out all the greatness we hold within us.”

My heartbreaks taught me a few important lessons. They taught me what it is to feel like having a thousand hearts beating inside one. They taught me what it is like to hear each one of them beating out of sync. What is it like to feel their edges jagged? What it is like to be able to feel the minute spaces between them. What it is like to feel the breath trying to find a way through. They taught me what it is like to live without a heart and to live with a thousand of them at once. I will survive now; come what may. Thanks for liberating me by breaking me down. In my life, I have met a lot of people. They are curious to know about what makes me write. What hurts me? Here is the answer-

I hurt myself and if I have to do justice to this piece by not flavoring it with fiction, I will admit that I seek her in every person I spend time with. I cannot just move on.

Thus, I will end with saying; be a good lover, motivator, intellectual, philosopher or anything else. But with that, be a rich person first.