When A Love Is Meant To Last Forever But It Doesn’t

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 12 August, 2017

A kid fell in love; he did not the know the consequences of it but he just fell for a girl. He was so into her that he forgot everything else. And why not, she told him that she loved her a lot.

It’s not easy for a girl to say those words he thought and that made him fall for her. That was his biggest mistake. He thought his love will last forever but that did not happen.

They had been together for 3 years and he was too much into her but the girl had her plans. It was their class farewell and she told him that they cannot be together anymore. She said she loved her parents more than she loved her. He said the reason wasn’t valid but she said she can’t lie to her parents and love someone behind their back.


Then where was this thought when she had proposed to him? The guy still loves her. Yes he does. It’s been 6 years and he still loves her like an idiot. He is supposed to hate her and move on. But he can't. He still loves her madly. I just wish that one day he gets her back.