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What Really Happens When You Lose A Parent At The Age Of 8: It Happened To Me

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My father died when I was 8 years old. Everyone wanted to take advantage of my situation, back then. I had to be patient and had to use my head to get ahead in life. It’s a selfish, selfish world and so difficult to survive in, especially if you are an orphan. Worse, if you are a girl.

It seems as if the society allows only those children who have their fathers with them, to dream. And that’s a shame, because that means stopping a huge population of children from realising their dreams.

Many such orphans, like me, have huge knowledge, good IQ and other skills to succeed in life but society doesn’t let us reach our potential. The truth is, it’s not just society, but our own relatives who prove the biggest hurdles in our path. Our own grandfather and cousins bar us from achieving all that we can.

What’s even more disturbing is how these same family members take hold of the orphan’s property and money left by their parents and use it for themselves. They leave us orphans to live in miserable conditions, while they pretend to be doing a fine deed to the world by giving us food to eat and clothes to wear. But at the cost of what do we get these treats? It’s at the cost of our dreams, our future and our life.

Everyone around us considers us lucky to have relatives who take care of us, who are respectable and kind to us, but no one ever thinks that they are doing so only because they are taking the hard earned money and property of our deceased parents. No one ever stops to think about our happiness. No one even bothers to ask us how we live our lives and what is it that we dream and aspire to be.

I ask this society, I ask you – what about the things we want for ourselves, what about our dreams and hopes?

We don’t need your scraps and charity to live on, we only need compassion.

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