We've Loved Each Other Unconditionally For 7 Years And That's Why We Can't Be Together

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 15 May, 2017

Love, a four letter word, just like other young girls and boys, fascinated me as well.

Being a little hesitant, I never found myself getting close to anyone from the opposite gender. It just wasn't for me I felt. But this hesitation didn't last for more than a decade of my life. There came the person I fell unconditionally in love with.

Yes it took us a lot of time to finally commit to each other and explore a tender and untouched form of love, but when we did, it all felt worth it. Love is not easy and it wasn't easy for us either. Fact is, we still don't know if we'll end up together. 

10 months into the relationship and we broke up, reasons being the commonest of all - no time for each other - no future and so on. We were just honest to each other that led to our heartbreaks but that's where our real love story began. Right there. 

Just like in the movies, in which ex lovers meet and get separated multiple times just to meet again. We had a similar experience. Every time we thought we would last for a lifetime, we ended up leaving each other. 

Every time we thought we would never see each other again or be in touch anymore, we came back to each other like magnets, with opposite poles.

It's been 7 years since this hide and seek has been going on, we do love each other to the moon and back but we never confessed after the first break up. We didn't know if we should.


For all we know, we are probably not meant to be. We may be something that our families may not approve of or something that we don't want to confront our respective families with. It's a test and it's never-ending.

Love gives you the power to go against all odds they say, but how should we go against those who brought us alive, our parents?

Our families will never come to know the pain we will be hugging while marrying the person of their choice. Such quiet sacrifices, I guess, only humans can make.

For the unconditional love always remains in your heart and soul but the love for family, respect for elders, need to be shown. After all, feelings are one's most personal entity. 

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Editor's Note:

Unconditional love in today's time is extremely difficult and if you're able to find that, fight for it because it's worth it. Share this story if you want to give the author the same advice.