We Know We Are Special And Don't Want To Ruin Our Bond By Giving It A Name

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 9 July, 2018

Not all stories have to be exactly like love stories. This story is about 2 strangers, who met on a dating website. I am not quite the kind of person who is ready for commitment. I am in my final year of college now and I'd rather focus on my career.

I strongly believe that feelings can't be forced and love happens when it has to.

I tried dating a few people, which did not turn out very well for me as people don't exactly understand the concept of “getting to know each other”. I cannot jump into bed with someone without any connection. Somewhere along, I had this breaking point. I decided to turn to Tinder just to find something casual but I could not strike a meaningful conversation with anybody. One day, a friend of mine kept swiping everyone right just to annoy me and this guy was an accidental match. He began the conversation in a very witty yet cheesy way. I was also in a mood to have a funny conversation. Soon we exchanged numbers and began chatting. I found out that he is exactly like me. He understood what I was looking for as he wanted exactly the same too.


Our conversations ranged from making up weird situations to movies and TV series. We often exchanged weird cheesy pickup lines, which was really funny as we spent most of our time mocking people who thought things like that were romantic! We started hanging out and everyone thought we were a couple. After a while, we were tired of explaining to people that we were only friends. We found each other physically attractive too. Soon, we started getting physical. But we remained good friends and still spent a lot of time sitting and talking about things we could never talk to others about, and watched a lot of movies together. Somehow, we always felt left out within our own groups of friends but didn't feel weird at all to talk about anything with each other and just be ourselves.

I am going to finish my course in another half a year after which I will be leaving this city.

But time is a bitch. I would have totally fallen head over heels in love with this guy if I knew there was a future to it. But I think past experiences have shown me better than that. Somewhere, the same applies to him. We both get that love is not what everybody thinks it is. We share this unique bond of what everyone calls friendship and we treasure it more than anything. When the time comes, we will part ways with smiles. We don't want to give this thing a name and ruin what we have. We do bring the best out in each other. I will always wish the best for him and I know he wishes the same for me too.

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