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We Don't Always Need Our Eyes To Witness Honesty In The World

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On the busiest metro station in Delhi, I came across a girl with beautiful striking eyes, who taught me a lesson that has changed my life forever.

When I first saw her, there was something different, and yet, ordinary about her. I couldn’t quite place it, but I simply couldn’t take my eyes off of her either. Was it her eyes? Her smile? Or just the way she seemed to be walking. She was clearing security and was heading towards the ticket counter when our paths crossed.
“Is this 10 or 20?” She asked, as I stood in the queue behind her.
“10” I replied. And then told her that I was taking the same metro and could walk with her.

While waiting for the metro, we struck up a conversation. She told me that she wasn’t from this, “mean city”, that she was from a smaller town, and was here only to complete a computer course and will soon go back home.

We spoke a lot, from my work, to her life in this busy city. It was definitely one of the most fulfilling conversations I’ve had with a stranger. She was easy to talk to, and I could have, for hours.

Finally, her station came and she was ready to get off. It was then, to my disbelief, that she removed a white stick from her bag, and opened it.

Immediately, I rushed and asked everyone to make some space for her. She smiled and wished me well. But I knew that I couldn’t let her walk out there alone. Of course, people would help her without hesitation, but I knew I would be thinking about her until I put her in a rickshaw. I jumped out of the metro in time and told her to walk with me.

Surprised, she told me she would manage, but I told her that I was in no rush to get home and was more than happy to oblige.

As we walked, I never touched her once, I guided her with my voice until we found a rickshaw that she could take. I explained the address to the rickshaw driver, the Blind Relief Association and just as she sat inside, a thought crossed my mind-

“Wait- I have a question… How do you pay them? I mean, how do you know how much you are giving them?”
That warm smile, back on her face, she answered, “It’s all on their honesty!”

As we bade farewell, with wishes that we meet again soon, I walked back to the metro station with her words ringing in my mind,

“It’s all on their honesty.”

With open eyes, we find it so hard to trust even our family and friends and here she was, trusting a complete strange to be honest with her.

Why is it so difficult for us and so simple for her? Is it because we see everything, and therefore we judge? Is it because we can’t find it in ourselves to give anyone the benefit of doubt- all because of our biased mindsets?

Every time I board the metro, I know that I’m going to be searching for the girl with the striking eyes who taught me a lesson that has changed my life forever.

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