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We Are Soulmates But Don’t Want To Ruin Our Relationship By Dating

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"I'm finally single and you are looking for a guy to get married", he said.

I am the self-proclaimed queen of bad timings.

I first met him at the coaching class for the medical entrance and we got talking. We weren't from the same school or tuition and had nothing but the coaching class in common. He was the shy, sober guy who didn't know how to break the ice while I was the outgoing one.

But there was something about him that attracted me towards him.

We spoke and texted, and I tried sitting with him during the lectures. I helped him with projects and he helped me with studies and exams. I knew I had a crush on him, but he knew how to maintain the distance, as he wanted to focus on his career and future.

I didn't want to force anything on him and so I was happy being a friend, forever.

After the entrance exam, we left the town, joined our respective colleges and met just once in between. Both of us were in serious relationships with other people and hardly spoke to each other except on birthdays.

Almost six years later, we were out of our toxic relationships. One fine day, I received a message from him and I replied instantly because I'm happy to be his friend, forever.

He's the kind of guy I wish to spend my life with, the guy who picks you from the thorns and keeps you like a rose in his heart; the one who is your friend first and then a husband.

He's the one who won't hurt or upset you even in the smallest possible way. He's the one whom I would accept with all the flawless imperfections and hold on tight. And above all, he's the one who was my soulmate from last birth.

I don't have any expectations from us in the future but this is the kind of bond I wish we could cherish forever.

We are both single now and still have that crush on each other, but in no way do we want to lose each other in an attempt to date.

I'm sure we are soulmates and I can see my happiness in him, but…

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