We Are In A Relationship For 7 Years Now, And I Still Can’t Decide If I Should Marry Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 2 June, 2018

Things go wrong all the time. Expectations are just a waste of time. Reality will hit you in the face always, I just took some time to realise it.

As most love stories begin, I saw the most handsome guy one day.

I had gone for a career selection class with few friends of mine, and that is where I saw him. Our eyes met for a few seconds and it was over. I had forgotten about it, but he managed to get my number from a friend of mine and started texting. And we had a lot in common. We both had just completed our 12th and were planning to pursue engineering, so we always had things to talk about or places to go to get applications or stuff.

So it became a habit to meet and talk to him every day. Even without my realisation, I had fallen for him.

Being brought up as the only child and studied in an all-girls school all my life, I had no male friends. He was my first guy friend and my whole life started revolving and relying on him. As the time passed by, he proposed to me. Though I was reluctant at first (because deep down, I knew my dad would never agree for a love marriage), I ended up saying a ‘yes’. That's how our relationship started.

As most girls go through, I went through my share of possessiveness, pain, fights, tears and almost everything, during the 7 years of our relationship.

He was very immature in the beginning, and I was so blindly in love with him that I never realised it. For every fight, I always blamed myself. But later on, I started standing up for myself and managed to change him little by little. Though I feel he has changed, it's still not permanent. He keeps questioning me about whom I talk to and who I text and all.

We are in a long distant relationship and each time, he manages to come to meet me, the first couple of hours goes in checking my phone call records, WhatsApp messages, and all.

I am so madly in love with him and wish to have a life with him, but such things make me feel that I have made a huge mistake of accepting him into my life. We are still in a relationship but I am not completely happy. I am still in a big confusion, as to if I will be happy if I marry him or I am just bearing him because he is my first true love.

My parents have started seeing proposals for me and I am in such a huge dilemma whether to fight for my love and bear all the consequences or forget, it ever happened and marry the guy of my parent’s choice.

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