To The Men Who Made Me Feel Like A W****, This Is How You'll Pay For It

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 10 July, 2017

I'm someone who doesn’t trust men that easily. There is a reason behind it. My ex-boyfriend contacts me when he is out of his conscience. That is when he wants sex.

My best friend made out with me. After days when he had finally seen each part of me, he called it off saying he never loved me. My boyfriend kept asking for my nude pictures. One fine day when I logged into his account I found out that he has been cheating on me since forever.

To all the men out there,

A girl is not a non-living creature. She is a human being; she is not a toy, not a wh*** to satisfy your needs. So what if she is your ex-girlfriend? Does that give you a green card to use her body? What makes you constantly mess her up just to make her feel that her body is everything that counts. Is she a human just to provide you with physical pleasure? So what if you are her best friend, you thought you could easily slide in and out whenever you felt like? You called yourself her best man and this is what you did to her?

You cheated on your girlfriend and you cheated on your best friend.

Do you ever think you deserve to be called a man? Yes, of course because you have a male reproductive organ. Is that all? You made her fall for you and she loved you. Your only intentions behind it were to seek sexual gratification.

So what if you are her boyfriend? Do you think you did a great job by breaking her into so many pieces that could never be reunited again? You are the worst she could ever meet. You thought she is worthy of a heartbreak after she opened up to you. You are wrong.

Problem with men is that they will justify everything with ‘Oh she was dressed provocatively’ statement. How ironic is it that you left her side when she finally got comfortable and trusted you.

In the beginning you said that you loved her and now you say that you don't. You ditched her, betrayed her, and ripped her soul off. What's wrong with you? You could again go down on some other girl, you could again love a girl and make her fall for you and leave her. You could betray hundreds of women out there. What about me who had to go through this? Who am I supposed to talk to?

I am the one who is suffering. I pity myself for falling for all your lies, for staying when I should have left long back, for considering the fact that not all men are same. You made me feel that I deserve to be loved.

Now you are the reason that will make me trust no one ever again.

To all the girls out there who are suffering from a similar thing like me,

Hold your chin and head high, they deserve no attention.

They will surely miss you when they go out touching another soul. They will miss your essence, they will miss your fragrance, and they will miss all the time that you had invested in the relationship. They will miss each and every part of you only to find out that you were not just a piece of flesh; you are a human being who deserves to be loved. Not just her curves and sizes but for her messed up state of mind and her weirdness too.

Author's Note:

P.S- This is dedicated to all the men who have tried to have friends with benefits kind of a relationship with me. You are unworthy of my love. You deserve to be loved for a minute and then treated like just another man the next minute because this is what you did to me. You betrayed your previous girlfriend for me. Then you betrayed me for your next girlfriend. Men like you deserve a horrible life. How could you call it love this moment and call it off the next? This is surely not the end of our story. Karma will make you miss me and want me like I fell for you. There will be a day when you will love somebody and she will touch you like you touched me and leave you like you left me. That is when I'm going to stand right there and watch you. Maybe that is when you will know what you'd done to me. 

Stop being that man who falls for lust. Because there will be a day when you will fall for love. Just like you made me fall for you. There will be another day when she will leave you, just like you left me for someone else