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To The Guy Who Left Me Without A Goodbye, I Have A Very Important Message For You

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*For representational purpose only.

13th of April 2017 was the special day when I got his first message on Whatsapp. He introduced himself and we started having conversations around everyday things. Just after 15 days, on the 27th of April, I suddenly had the urge to talk to him. He stated that he had got a call from his parents and that his father had a heart stroke so he will have to go meet them. 

The same night around 01:49 am he messaged me from the airport to know how I was; I was very happy to see his message and we chatted for half an hour that day. He said he was missing me and that brought tears to my eyes and I knew he was so special to me. 

During those 15 days we discussed everything; our lifestyles, our habits, our weaknesses, our fantasies and our dreams. He was very soft spoken, intelligent, quiet, honest, handsome, punctual but not at all expressive while talking on the phone.

Just chatting with him gave me butterflies. We both slowly fell in love with each other.

I did not know a Whatsapp friend could become so close. We'd chat every day from 3 am to 6 am and on certain days all night. I waited for him to come online, sometimes he would work from home just so that we could chat. We spoke about getting married and meeting each other. We were so in love with each other; we couldn’t wait to talk or meet. I think we were addicted to each other in just 30 days.

However, after he met his parents, he stopped messaging me and our last conversation was, “I am busy for a few days, no privacy to hangout with you, I hope you understand. As soon as I am free I will chat with you.” 

I waited for him but he didn't return. I don't know what made him do this. I just want to send one message to him: 

My Dear,

As strangers we started our conversation on Whatsapp. I didn’t even know when I fell in love with you. Our frequencies matched, we both had the same fantasies. Whatever I told you was straight from my heart. I really don't know if I can fall in love with another man because I accepted you as mine.

I wish I had some way to find out why we didn’t last? Even our last conversation was so full of love, why did you decide to leave me alone? I can’t begin to explain how painful this is baby.

Your goddess still loves you and misses you. You absence is killing me. I really hope god gives me the strength to forget you one day.

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