To The Boy Who Gave Up On Us Way Too Easily: I'm Still Waiting For You

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 17 June, 2017

A 26-year old, working girl in Delhi, I met the love of my life in school and we were together since then. It has been 11 years now and I am still in love with him.

We both were madly in love with each other since we started, which I did not admit for a couple of months. He moved to a different city for his engineering degree and that is when I realized how much I loved him — as they say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. We used to chat and talk for hours. He used to bunk college and come to Delhi to meet me and the bond we shared was getting stronger with each passing day. We knew we were made for each other.

Like every relationship though, ours was never a fairy tale. We had our fair share of fights because of the frustration of a long distance relationship, not being able to spend more time with each other and the insecurities that kept coming in my mind, but we overcame everything.


Now, our story is no different from other couples in India. We wanted to get married, but like everybody, we faced the same problem — caste. He told his mother about us; the only thing she asked for was my caste and rejected me. She told him to forget me and that she will choose a daughter-in-law from their own caste and of course, after matching their horoscopes.

Amidst all this, he never once opposed or tried to save our relationship. Instead, he asked me to move on. He does not want to try again as his mother had a stroke, a couple of months back. He thinks if he tries to talk to her again, he might lose her forever.

Maybe, you are right on your part but I am angry with you, for giving up on us so easily. For not thinking about me even once while taking this decision or how it would affect me, both mentally and physically.

I no longer talk to people these days, I have not had a proper meal since you left, I’m crying myself to sleep everyday, but nothing will change your decision now.

I wish you had stayed strong in this situation. I wish you had tried harder. I wish you had taken a stand for me.

Today and every day, I am waiting for your decision to change.

Love you always.