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To The Boy Who Claims To Miss Me: I Don't Hate You, I'm Glad You Broke My Heart

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To the boy who claims to miss me,

You were the one who madly fell in love with me when we were in high school. I only gave you a chance because you were so persistent. I don't blame you for it. I loved our time together. We had a wonderful relationship. You understood me like no one else, treated me so well, introduced me to all of your friends and showed me off like I was the best thing to have ever happened to you.

And I slowly fell in love with you. I fell in love with you when I had least expected it.

I loved you through your ups and downs and I made sure I was next to you whenever you needed me. I loved you even when you had your mood swings and kept yelling at me for no reason. I loved you even when you tried to make me insecure all the time, by telling me how many other girls still had their eyes on you.

I loved you even when you 'joked' about how you would like to sleep with the other girls 'just for fun'. Little did you know that your 'jokes' were only pushing me away.

I never looked at another guy the way you 'joked' about other girls with me. And yet, when I joked once, you yelled at me and almost broke up with me because you thought I had cheated on you.

As time passed, you stopped giving me any of your time. You kept pushing me away, shouted at me more often, ridiculed me in front of your friends, called me 'nagging' and 'annoying'. You completely ignored my efforts to reach out to you. As much as I tried to bridge the gap between us, I could not do so.

I am glad I checked your phone. I am glad I came across the chats where you agreed to go out with another girl on a dinner date. I am glad I found out all the 'declarations of love' the other girls had sent you- the same girls you used to joke about sleeping with. I am glad that whatever we had came to an end.

I was even more surprised when I heard that you got into a relationship with one of those girls just one day after we broke up. Boy, did I curse myself enough for even trusting someone like you!

And no. I do not miss you! It has been three years and you still text me about how you miss me and how you should have treated me better. I am glad that you are out of my life. And I don't hate you.

It was probably a good thing that you broke my heart then, because it has enabled me to become the person I am today.

Please never contact me again.

Your ex-girlfriend.

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