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To The Best Friend Who Slept With My Boyfriend: Thank You

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It all started five years ago. Same college, same class, same section. In no time we became the best of friends. We shared our joys, sorrows, sometimes even answer sheets. According to our college folks, we were the inseparable sisters. We supported each other through everything, even for the wrong we did. Two years ago we had to go opposite directions. She wanted to be an air hostess and I wanted to settle abroad.

Friendship got sour at that time. We both had boyfriends and even they were good friends. Hanging out together, parties and everything was routine for us.

I left for abroad after telling my boyfriend and my best friend to be in touch. And they fulfilled it. My boyfriend did love me a lot (or maybe that was what I thought).

Behind my back things were happening and I was completely unaware. Till date I ask myself what was my fault.

My best friend who happened to be my everything slept with my boyfriend. And they acted so normal in front of me like nothing had ever happened. She told me to leave him. She said she saw him with someone else and I listened to her and broke up with him. 

After that, everything went back to normal. Though my boyfriend was not a part of my life, I was still blessed to have my best friend by my side. She tried hooking me up with guys and I refused.

Recently, she introduced me to a guy who seemed nice and was a senior in my college. We became good friends and hung out a lot on the Mumbai streets like how. And I knew he had feelings for my best friend. But according to her, she had no feelings for him.

It was his parents' anniversary and we were the bridesmaids for the function. I was his partner. Everything was normal but the time I went for a touch up in the bathroom, I saw them making out. As soon as she saw me and realised she was caught, she said, "D I don't know what happened, sh** I am sorry" but trust once broken is almost impossible to repair. For us, it was the second time. 

So thank you best friend for making me realise that best friend is merely a term and you cannot trust anyone, except for yourself. Thank you for showing me that nobody in this world can be trusted. Thank you for everything.

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