To Mum And Dad, I Am An Ungrateful Daughter But I'm Yours

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 21 June, 2017

Dearest Mum and Dad,

You think I am an ungrateful child. I will let you have the freedom to do so. After all, this mound of flesh was given to me by you. But, did I ask for it?

You treated me like a princess and made sure I was well-raised and protected. You've given me basic necessities in life, and more often than not, things that I have needed and wanted. But I will tell you one thing, what you didn't give me; what you cannot give me- the way I think and the way my mind works.

You weren't there when I needed you the most - as an emotional support during my teenage years. You thought you were doing a fantastic job as parents; trust me, you did.

But not everyone is perfect. Neither you, nor me! I bore the burden of your mistakes, I gave up on my dreams, I have made mistakes, I physically and verbally hurt you in anger, I lived with guilt, I still do. But whatever tiny pieces that are left of me, I try to use that to the fullest.

You call me selfish; well, aren't we all? We all seek happiness; unfortunately, money became one of them to the mankind. Now here I am, trying to live my life, but I did consider you as family, always. Mom, you were always my best friend, and dad, you were a superhero to me. But are you, now? When you disown me because of the way I think? Because that's wrong to you, but not me.

I own my decisions and I live with them, take responsibility of them. You didn't teach them to me! I did! The big bad world did! What I am physically, is because of you, but what I am mentally is because of the experiences I had.

I may not have been the ideal daughter you have always wanted. But I am always that child who'll love you unconditionally.

You can hate me, tell me I am ungrateful, that I have put you to shame because of my decisions about love, life, and relationships. I will take that. Because I respect you. But I can't kill myself, I cannot kill who I am.

I am not sure if you will understand it. But this is who I am, and all I need is your acceptance.

Yours ungratefully,

A daughter of today's world.

Author's Note:

This one is for the people who gave me life. Who taught me how to walk, talk, read and who introduced me to the ways of the world. This open letter is from a daughter who's been sailing two boats for a long time now - one of orthodoxy and the other one being heterodox and rebellious. I have tried, harder and harder, to maintain my balance. But it gets difficult by the day. So, with a heavy heart, I write this to you.