To His Wife-To-Be: I Have To Tell You A Few Secrets About Being With Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 17 July, 2017

To the wife,

If you're reading this letter, you've already met me. I'm one of his best friends. I know you're lucky enough to have him, I'm sure he is too.
You may need to learn a few things about him though, some of which, you may already know.

So let me tell you, that it's in his denial where you'll find the hidden truths. The secrets lie there, where he denies the most.

It's when he says more than often, that it doesn't bother him, that you know it bothers him way too much. Don't ask him too many questions. Just be there. And when he laughs and you feel it's the most beautiful sound in the world, is when you know it's a genuine laugh. You will feel the urge to squeeze his cheeks then. Do that. He'll then respond by hugging you, and trust me, you want his hugs.

When he looks at something for too long, and longingly, a wall, a chair, or at you, is when he's thinking to himself and gathering up enough courage to tell you something. Don't push him. Let him take his time.

You can annoy him all you want. He may get mad. No, he will get mad. He will walk away in anger. But don't worry, he's not even thinking about leaving you. Let him take his time. He'll be back soon. He knows you need him. He needs you too.

Sometimes, on an ordinary day, he'll go out of his way, just to make you feel special. And other times, he may not even remember your birthday. Yes, he's like that. Unpredictable. Remind him though. To others, you may sound pathetic. But he'll actually appreciate you for this. Don't blame him when he forgets. Remind him, and then be ready to witness your day turn into something magical.

When he's engrossed in a book, or a show, join him if you want. He'll gladly make you a part of his fantasy land. But if you're not into it, please don't disturb him.

Let him be. He loves that time. His mind needs some wandering too.

And when you become parents, trust me you'll have to be the strict one. He'll spoil your baby and you may want to keep a check on them both. Also, your baby will love him more, but you'll see why.

Ask him often how he's doing. His past hasn't been too nice to him, and nobody asked him then. If he gets tired of being strong, please let him be the weak one.

Let him be vulnerable, not just because he needs it, but because he loves you enough to be so. For a while, be strong enough for the both of you.

Lastly, I don't need to ask you to do this, but please love him. Love him like you didn't even know what love was, until he happened to you. Trust him like a child, who trusts his father with his first bicycle ride. Always hold him close. closer. Yes. That's the way to love him.

The one who wishes to receive this letter.

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