This Is Why I'll Never Believe In Love Marriages: I've Suffered Enough

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 17 July, 2017

I belong to a small town and live in a joint family. I always loved my family.

However, when I was in class 8th, I met a guy who ruined my life. I always believed in love marriages and when this guy proposed, I said 'yes' even though my family was against it.

We'd meet each other often and share everything about our lives with each other. His family loved me too. My family hated me after all this. They said such mean and ugly things to me, I was heartbroken. I asked God why this was happening to me.


I was in class 12 and my mom was searching for a groom for me. My family was not conservative but they just wanted me married now because I was seeing someone they did not want me to be with. We were both from the same caste but he was as established as they’d like my husband to be.

Gradually, I went on to study law and he started his own business. My parents agreed for our marriage. Life became easy. The shock of my life came my way when someone of my friends told me they had seen my boyfriend with someone else. I didn't believe it.

He slowly started getting mad at me for petty things. He wanted to have a physical relationship with me even before marriage. I couldn’t fulfill his lust. Now that girl met with his physical needs. I got proof. I told him to leave me. He told me he will leave her. I thought he was being honest. I was so stupid.

I was making his career and that ba****d was making his bed hot. That girl was my friend. He made a fool out of me. I was so stupid to believe all his lies.

He apologized to me after the girl left him and destroyed his business. How could I trust him again? Even his mother asked me to leave him. I left him and then I saw his real side. He threatened to ruin my life, and kill my family. I got a lot of support from my friends and family and I finally decided to go for arranged marriage.

I met my life partner then. I married him and he loves me more than anybody ever has. We have a daughter together. Even now, when I sit alone, I wonder how different my life would have been had I just listened to my family back then. I don’t believe in love marriage anymore.