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This Is What You Should Do If You Think You'll Find Love In This Lifetime

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Love is so complex. Everyone wants love. Everyone wants to be the top priority in one another's life. Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to be given importance. One loving person makes you feel good, inspires you, holds you up when you are in turmoil, believes you, doesn't make you feel insecure and makes you a better person from inside and out.

Who makes you feel like this? Nobody.
Who is the one person who feels like this towards you? No one.

Let's say, you are 90 years old. And the same question comes to your mind, and you have the same answers. Would you feel bad? I don't know if I would feel bad. Of course, I believe in love. I also believe people are capable of this kind of love. Mothers, spouses, children, friends are capable of this kind of love. But do you in your lifetime come across such kind of love? I am not sure if everybody does. I haven't..

Do I need to feel bad about it? I am not sure. Let's say you love somebody with all your heart — your child, mother, spouse, friend or any human relationship. What if the love is not acknowledged, is taken for granted and is disrespected. Would you still like to continue showing love or is it better not to? Wouldn't it hurt to see your love has no value in the receiver's eyes?.

So, I say love is complex. It's difficult to stay on, giving and receiving end of love. But the world is built on the foundation of love. A mother, spouse, child, friend, sibling. Every relationship is built on love. But not everybody in the world are gifted to experience that.

So, I make peace with it. Love or no love, I learn to live with life. Let your future self be a better person than the past. Introspect. Forgive people if they took you for granted. Forgive yourself if you had taken somebody for granted. Don't repeat the same mistakes.

Above all, love yourself. Motivate yourself for a better tomorrow. Believe in yourself in your worst times. Understand and improve your capability. Destroy all turmoil in life. Walk towards peace.

Maybe then, your 90-year-old self will proudly be able to say — "Yes, I have experienced love, for myself, and I am ready to die."

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