This Is What Life Gives You For Falling In Love With A Younger Man

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 29 October, 2017

I am a married woman and have a one-year-old son. We look like the happiest family to the world at large. My husband seems perfect and he looks like a doting father to everyone in our society. But I had to confront the harsh reality when I was pregnant with my baby. The scenario has not changed even today. We have been married for about six years now. Ours was a love marriage. My husband and I worked in the same company and he proposed to me after a couple of months.

I had no reason to deny the proposal because I thought he was a good person.

His family was against our marriage. But we got married after overcoming all the odds. We belonged to the same caste but our sub-castes were different. I don’t believe in the caste system. I belonged to the upper caste and unlike his family, our family was more educated, well mannered, liberal and open-minded. 


He is 4 years younger to me and we had not disclosed this fact to his family members. In fact, we had told them that I was only 2 years older than him. We did not believe in matching our kundlis and so far this has not created any kind of problem for us.

I respected my husband and thought I was the luckiest girl in the world because I really liked his understanding nature and behaviour. He adapted to new situations very well and stood by me when I was right. I respected him for this because he went against his parents to do this for me.

I was on cloud 9 at that time. We now wanted a child but I was unable to conceive for 3 years. I ended up having 2 miscarriages and we tried out several kinds of treatments so that I could conceive. But I suppose some things happen only at the right time.

After two-and-half years, we finally applied for adoption. We were forced to accept the worst case scenario because we felt I may not conceive at all. But destiny had some other plans. After 6 months of treatment, I finally conceived.

Somehow, during these six months, I had a strong doubt that he was having an affair with his cousin. Whenever I asked him about it, he always denied it.

When I was 4.5 months pregnant, I caught him red-handed. I came to know about it when he tried to make a fake call to his boss. My world turned upside down. We had heated arguments and lengthy discussions. He said, “Just wait for the delivery. We can discuss things after that. You can keep the baby.” I can never forget this statement in my entire life.

We had sorted out things for the yet-to-be-born baby. But the bond of trust that we shared was broken. So things were never the same again.

He had always had a soft corner for her. Even after one and a half years, he hides his phone from me. He is still not ready to have a physical relationship with me. I don’t even know the reason for this.

It has been 4 years now. He has not taken me for any kind of an outing, even on a weekend.

But he has gone out with her many times. Such thoughts push me away from him. I have now reached a stage where I don't even like his touch.

Now there is a twist in the story. I tried my best to avoid this. But I could not do so. I have fallen for a guy who is much younger than me. He claims that he loves me and says he will also accept my baby. We meet often and we have had several discussions about how to go ahead with our relationship. He seems to be really serious about me. Initially, I felt guilty to even feel anything for him. But now I don’t.

People can judge me and accuse me of doing what my husband did to me. Only a few people can understand why I went ahead with this relationship.

I am not yet sure if we will be able to go ahead with our plans. Our families do not know about it and they need to accept our relationship. But for now, even though I am in a kind of a long distance relationship, I am very happy.

He diverts my attention and makes me feel I can still have a life. I feel my son too can have a safe and secure life.
Author's Note:

Life seems to be leading us all into some unknown future. But I am happy right now and that is what matters the most to me.

Editor's Note:

At the end of the day, we all yearn to be loved by our family members. Love makes our lives worth living and fills us with happiness. But the various facets of love can often end up ruining our relationships. Share this story so that we learn to nurture our bonds with the right facets of love.