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This Is How It Feels When You Don't Want To But You Fall Out Of Love

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It was magical and beautiful when it happened. He was not the guy I had dreamt of all my life, in fact, he was completely the opposite. I fell for him anyway.

I never really understand what ‘love’ and ‘dating’ meant until I met him. I didn’t think I’ll find the love of my life so easily. It was not a forced decision; I thought about it before accepting his proposal. We finally became one; his heart became mine and mine, his. It was like a beautiful romantic movie with melodious songs and breathtaking views. It was almost like I was dreaming.

But why didn't it all last for a while longer? Why did we fall out of love for each other? Why did we stop getting the shivers whenever we touched each other? Why did we stop getting lost in each other's fragrances when we hugged each other? Why did our hearts stop skipping a beat whenever we kissed each other? Why did we stop loving each other?

I question myself every night, "Is this the love I'd dreamt of?” Even though we aren’t happy with each other, we are not ready to break up because we are afraid to see each other with someone else, someone better.

My fragile heart always craves for his presence but doesn't really love him. I don't know what to do, maybe this is how it feels when you fall out of love. 

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