This Is How He Fell Out Of Love

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 28 September, 2017

It started with a friend request. Today’s world has become so small and everything is temporary. In this temporary world, I found my constant.

Facebook. We all know, we all use and we're all addicted to it. I'm no different. Someone I had a huge crush on, someone I adored from a distance and never had the courage to talk to in person because I was an average girl next door with huge nerdy glasses and quite insecure about my appearance. But right when I was about to step into my college middle year, I found him on Facebook and sent him a request.

I literally joined my hands and prayed to God that he accepted my request and I didn't get disappointed. I had sent him requests earlier but undid them because I was scared of him rejecting me.

This time, he accepted it and I was the happiest girl in the world. To add cherry on the cake, he even messaged me first! And I was already on cloud 9, refusing to come down to earth but I eventually had to reply to him. We started texting and I found him so interesting and on exactly the 10th day, he proposed to me and voilà, I accepted it!

I was all rainbows and butterflies and was experiencing that so-called love-is-in-the-air feeling, the magic. Our relationship wasn't only a bed of roses but came along with dangerous thorns too! We fought like cats and dogs but we also loved with all that we had. Up until then, I had never been in such a relationship.

This time it was all different. I knew he was "The one". I knew I'd never find someone else like him. I knew I was head over heels in love with him. I knew that what we had was genuine and which would last forever.

We dated for 2 years. There were ups and downs, extreme fights, extreme love, happy days, worst days and what not. But I forgot that happiness doesn't last forever and tables do turn, life does change. I was an arts student and he being an engineering student who was 2 years elder to me, had to graduate a year earlier than me. But like most engineering students out there, he wasn't happy with what he was doing and wasn't quite successful either.


At the end of the 2-year long relationship, there came extreme problems, half of which were because of my faults and half of the problems because of his future and responsibilities he had to take up. That's when he backed off. That's when I fell like my world was falling apart, the feeling that no one else ever gave me. I was in constant denial. I did not want to accept that we were going to break up, I could not. But I had no other choice, I had to. He said, "Be practical, you tell me how it is going to work out when it's going to take years for me to get settled". The moment he became practical in love, is the moment he fell out of love and I just had nothing to say.

I am not an angel who hasn't made any mistakes; neither is he a man with any flaws. The first time I believed in something eternal, life had to show me how brutal it can be. And then like any other human being facing a heartbreak, I had to deal with mine. One thing I can be sure of is that he is not an a****le. I used to look up to him. He was always the best man I had ever met;

I don't know if that will remain constant but I'll always love him. Not like I once did, but in some corner of my heart, he'll always be someone special. And I know I'm not the one to be forgotten that easily too. With love, for my love, I just hope everyone finds their soul mate, their magic, and may that magic will never leave them.