They Were Dead Against It But My Indian Boyfriend Came All The Way To Romania To Save Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 27 January, 2018

First of all, I've got to say some things about myself. I will not tell you my name or proper details because the only thing that I want is to keep my identity secret as long as I am doing this. I am half Arab and half Romanian. I've been living in Romania since I was born and I have never visited the Arab countries.

My dad is Arab, he is originally from Syria. He used to live there until he escaped 2 years ago and ended up living in Germany, in a safe place with all the facilities he needs. I have never seen my dad but I wish to have the opportunity one day.

Moreover, this summer, something very strange happened. I met a guy, an Indian guy. Secondly, we met by accident on the internet, exactly on Instagram, when he saw some incorrect words on my Instagram profile. When I had copied the quote for a photo, I copied it wrong. From that moment, my life took a different ride.


We kept talking until one day when we saw some similarities between us. We discovered that we love listening to the same music, we were saying the same things in the same moments. We were thinking that this was meant to be. Everything was happening for a reason but actually, I still don't know the answer. I don't know if he is the one or not. Of course, another coincidence was that he was living in Germany, same as my dad. And I told him that I will come to visit my dad and maybe I will see him too.

On the one hand, a lot of people kept telling me not to be with him. They were telling me that I'm way better than him and I need a boyfriend to match with the way I look. When I told my mom about him she said that he is too ugly and we never know what's behind people on the internet.

After some time he told me that he will visit me in Romania. I didn't know what to do in that moment. I just told him that it's way better to stay away from me in this country, because a lot of things may happen in here. He didn't give up, so I had to let him come and prepare my mom for this.

I was planning not to tell my mom what was going on. But of course, she knew that this is going to happen, so she said: "I'm coming with you".

At first, I told my friends about this, they ensured me that everything will be fine and they will be by my side. BUT THEY WEREN'T.

So, I've learned that I shouldn't believe anyone! I'm going to explain very quickly about what went down that day. We stayed and talked, until my mom just told him directly that she is not okay with all that's happening. There are many things that happened in between, but that's a lot to explain and I don't have the necessary time to do this.

Time went so far... and we were still together without my mom getting to know.

Sadly, I had an accident and had a stroke. He wanted to come and stay with me in the hospital, but that was impossible, so he stayed away. When everything was back to normal, I found out that I have cancer and I needed quick treatment.

I planned to go to Germany and stay with him so he can take care of me during the treatment. Well, all was in vain. I bought the ticket for nothing. I couldn't go. I couldn't hide it from my family and that night, I was not able to move from the bed.


He couldn't stay in Germany without doing anything, so he came to Romania. He stayed for at least 3 days and we decided that we will figure out how to get out from this country without being seen.

The first 2 days in Romania with him were alright, but the third one, the day when we were supposed to go, somebody messaged him and told him that I'm dead. That was more than I ever expected to go wrong.
Somebody wanted me dead.

That person gave him an address. He went to that address and he was searching for me. After this, I woke up in the morning and I called him.

He was desperate, he really thought that I was dead. Somebody behind all this wanted to see me dead. I gave him my home address, he came straight ahead and after my mom left the house, he just got in.

We hugged properly for the first time and he was crying loudly, looking into my eyes and telling me what he had been through.


There are many things that happened and are still happening, but as I said, I will keep them for the right time and the right moment.

I wrote all this to make myself feel better, to show the world what I am dealing with. I am glad that you read my story and I wish you never go through what I went through. This is not the end. The story will still go on.
Author's Note:

This is not the first time when I am trying to write something on this site. I've tried couple times before but without succeeding, I stopped. I was not ready to show everyone what I am going through.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because there is more conflict in the world than you can imagine, but love still persists.