They Did Everything Together Since They Were Kids Except Falling In Love: She Was Alone

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 19 October, 2018

This is the story of Joker. It was the name given to her by her best friend.

Now, the story of her journey may or may not make any changes to your life but I bet it will surely inspire you.  Both the characters of this story played their role to perfection and stayed together from the beginning till the end.

So the story begins with a common conversation which happens often between two childhood friends. They both knew each other better than anybody else but when adolescence comes around, they become too much open with each other. They start sharing each and every good or bad memory and event of every day of every week of every month.T hey give each other respect, time and priority. The shy, studious and stubborn girl of childhood transforms into a polite, cute, loving teenager who really cares for him.
Those conservation and sharing of thoughts in their regular chats become the best part of the day for them. Both of them haven't met each for 4 years but their bond of friendship becomes stronger every day.

Soon, the person who had disappeared from her streets and her life comes back as a best friend and a bond that is forged with affection, trust and love starts to form.

They both laugh out loud at each other’s jokes, get to know about each other much more than anybody else. But they have no idea about the changes which are going to change everything soon.S he has fostered feelings for him which go beyond much more than “friend” but for him, she was just not much more than a great friend.S he understood that he is not as open with his feelings she was. She knew that when she builds that trust and comfort with him, he will surely open up to her about his feelings.

She used to be so impatient earlier but her affection for him had made her patient and she hoped for happiness and joy and a life full of dreams in their story. She successfully hid her feelings for a whole year but then this month called February came around when everyone was expecting to meet their other halves.

As Valentine’s Day came around, she waited in hope that he would come out and let her know how he truly feels but that call never came.

She waited to hear from him till midnight but her hopes ended in despair. She decided to disclose all her feelings to him that day but something within her stopped her from taking that step and she didn’t text him. But fate had other plans. The very next day, she was given a dare to share her feelings with a special one. So, she did. She wrote him a beautiful message. She poured her heart and soul into her words but that evening, she received a clear rejection from him. He just didn’t think of her in ‘THAT’ way. For the first time, for either of them, there was a sudden change in their bond. It felt odd but it remained unspoken about. But in spite of all the decisions made, both of them managed to remain friends. BEST FRIENDS, in fact.

There was never the question of stopping talking to each other because there was an understanding that neither of them was wrong. They just “felt’ differently.

They continued to care for each other and be important to each other. She still held hope that maybe one day, they will be together if it is meant to be by the grace of God. They understood each other’s situations and respected the feelings and decisions made. When he found out how much she loved him, he wanted to cut down on the time spent together because he wanted her to focus on her studies, stay motivated and focus on her goals. She too wanted to see him successful.

The best thing was the clear understanding and acknowledgement of each other’s emotional state but there were never any demands placed on each other. They WOULD hurt each other but there was always understood why the disputes happened and there was never any disrespect. He called her Joker. Because he knew that she could and would laugh so that she does not cause HIM any guilt or agony. There was no space for Ego in their bond. But she WAS hurt and broken inside by his choice not to love her the way she did inside but she knew he couldn’t bear to lose her.

Her unconditional love for him could never be removed from her conscience and soul. Her one-sided journey with would continue but she dreamed that one day, they could take the long road together as one.

TRUE LOVE may not always win but surely it doesn't make you arrogant, rude or weak inside.

As we were earlier, we will continue now to act as the best guides for each other until today and maybe for the rest of our lives. It’s important to respect the decisions and the life situations of those you love and a day will come when you will understand clearly how and why they made those decisions.

Never break a true friendship at any cost.

Editor's Note:

A long and fulfilling friendship can often become a fertile landscape for romance to grow but unfortunately, sometimes it happens only with one person.

This story is a great example of a mature and healthy response to that situation. You can't force people to feel a certain way but is that worth losing a great friendship over?

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