There Was A Time When Fairy Tales Were Real. Then You Dated Someone Else.

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 5 January, 2018

I never knew what love was or is before you. I loved you since I was ten years old even if I didn't know what it was. Every time I saw you, you made my heart skip a bit. Coming to school every day and seeing you was the best feeling ever. Then one day you left. I was too young and naive to understand the pain but still, I wished that someday we would meet again.

After six years, we again met. And I thought that maybe it was destiny, maybe we were meant to be. It was the best feeling in this world. You made me feel special. We clicked instantaneously.

You were funny, smart, intelligent, caring and above all, a nice human being. With you, I always felt complete. We had that special connection. Sometimes I thought of calling you and suddenly your call would come.

Though we were very different in a lot of things, our relation was beautiful. We had fights, patch ups and some more fights, but still, it was beautiful.

You told me that you never shared with anyone as much as you did with me and I knew that. You told me that you could never get bored of me. I believed you.

You made me feel special with your words, your silence, your touch.
Then reality struck. You went away from my life without saying anything.

That day I was no more like the old me. Though we met again and talked, you were never that same old you.

You always told me that there was no one in your life and I believed you. You never expressed yourself. You never told me the reason why you went away.

With time, I got used to your absence, your cold attitude, your indifference. I always wished that someday we might be together again, that someday you might be back with me. You always told me that we could be friends forever but I could not bear that, I couldn't handle that indifference. I couldn't bear the fact that my first and only love is cool being only my friend. He is cool seeing me with someone else.

So every time, I tried to move away. But somehow, in some way or the other, we met again. I still bore that hope in my heart that we would be together.

I was so wrong. You never came back.


You are with someone else. You are happy and you never thought of taking that stand for me, telling me that I need you to be in my life, I don't want you to go away, I want you to be mine forever.

So, here I am, well adjusted, fine and practical enough to move on. But no more stupid to believe that fairytales might come true.

After all, they are just FAIRY TALES.

You once told me, that our love story is no less than the one in the book which you gifted me. It is special to you and to me.

I guess those were mere words. Hollow words. Fairy tales.
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