There Are So Many People Around Me But I Don't Know How To Ask For Help

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 7 August, 2017

My heart was broken a long time ago. I had always thought, everyone gets their heart broken and everyone I see moves on to have a good life, I will too.

Even she moved on with a relationship immediately after leaving me. I thought that I will too. Alas! It was very difficult for me. I found myself so incomplete.

There had been a lot of changes since she left. I feel nervous when surrounded with people, and when I am alone, I feel like shouting for people to surround me. I see other couples and absolutely hate myself for being alone.


I want that warm hug, that calmness but I don't have the strength to ask for that hug from anyone.

Every night I am awake till my eyes get tired. I want to sleep properly. I really crave for it. I keep returning to check her picture and see that big smile everyday. I absolutely don't want to see her after how she broke my heart.

I work hard all day hoping to tire myself down. I lack seeing the purpose of my work. I buy the best of clothes for myself and yet I don't feel good. I later give those away to my brothers.
I have so many friends and yet I don't actually know how to tell them what I am going through.

I love food, but I don't feel like eating most of the time. I have people asking me the reason for my smile all day and when I think of it, I am never really happy.

Nothing excites me and I don't look forward to anything. I so hate myself now. I curse myself for falling in love. I wish I knew how to rise again.

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