The Thing About Love Is That It Kills You

Avinash Verma Avinash Verma in Life Is Tough on 2 August, 2017

"Napoleon Bonaparte" isn't he the greatest among all lovers?

People claim Heer - Ranjha, Sone - Mahewal, Romeo- Juliet etc. to be the epitome of love. But they don't realise these people gave their life for love once but never lived with their love, who could have cheated them every single day. That would have killed them more than once.

Napoleon died before every war. He was killed 'n' number of times yet he tried to survive with the expectation of not dying the next time. He loved a girl more than his life and married her. Since he was a king it was pretty easy to marry the girl.

But were they happy after marriage? Of course he was, because he loved her, but not vice versa! His wife had sex with army men whenever king was fighting a war. King knew she was cheating on him but he never left her. He won most battles on the field but died even before going for any war. This is LOVE!

Be it a king or a beggar, everyone dies in Love. Some die for love and others die because of love.

This love story is very similar. Arjun lost the battle twice, once after getting Vrishi, his love, another time before even entering the battle.

They met on a social networking site and had a very romantic love space to share. Soon enough Arjun realised something was fishy because he sensed the storm before the silence. He tried to probe and concluded there were multiple affairs in Vrishi's life. Being the Napoleon, he didn't break up and tried to repair their love ship. Once again everything was back to normal. Little did he know that you can't sail on high tides with a damaged ship. His ship of love sank when he came across intimate pictures of Vrishi floating on the battlefield. Arjun died that night with tears of blood rolling down his cheeks.


3 years later..

'Hi..,' Arjun texted Vrishi. (Drunk texting an ex is always injurious to emotions.)

It was a start to their new friendship. Both were happy to be together again, but this time, as friends. Doomsday struck after Arjun's birthday. Vrishi was tested positive with abdominal typhus. Arjun gave his soul to make sure she recovered soon. They became Tom and Jerry in the process. One fine evening history repeated itself and trounced Arjun. Intimate pictures were brightening the dim light on Arjun's phone. He was also accused of molesting Jerry. Trust got covered with layers of lies all over again.

Both lay on the bed but this time distance was more than light years. No talks, no laughs!

Room was silent like a mortuary but noise of silence was loud. As the night was passing, their new found friendship was getting over and Arjun was dying with the beautiful memories in his heart.

That's the thing about love, it kills you.