The Love Of My Life Cheated On Me And I Forgave Him: It Feels Nice

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 27 May, 2017

“Hi.. Sanjay here.... " Read my whatsapp message.

Yes, this was the guy I had met few days back at an office. I replied because it was supposed to be an official conversation. Moreover, he was my super senior in college even though I didn’t know him during college days.

Since I am a very social person, it did not take us much time to become friends. Our chats turned out to be late night talks. I started feeling that magic. He made me feel special. His love made me go crazy. My heart skipped a beat every time I saw him. Soon we started dating.

I even decided to marry him. In the short span of six months, I had decided that I can live a better life with him. But then all of a sudden I got a proposal for an arranged marriage from my parents. 

Sanjay's reaction shocked me, “you get married to the guy whom your parents are seeing. Till then, we will be like lovers". That reply nearly gave me a heart attack. I was ready to give up on my dreams for him and this is what he says?

After a long struggle with my parents alone, they agreed to not get me married for the time being. Though his reply was stabbing me on the inside, I decided to be happy with him.

Then came the drama, my previous relationship. I wondered how my ex could bother Sanju when even his thought didn’t cross my mind. This went on for some time. Just because I had a relationship earlier didn't mean I was not allowed to love again?

I still decided to be happy. Again. I spoke to him many times like... "if you don't want to continue..let's end this." But he never pushed me away nor did he make me stay with him comfortably. I tried many times to stay out but my love towards him did not allow me to do that. 

He wanted to date and then if everything worked out, he wanted to marry me. I, on the other hand, was all about commitment. I was okay with adjusting but I wanted stability and consistency. This difference of opinion made it an unhealthy relationship. After a continuous debate we finally decided to get married after a year.

He'd keep his phone on airplane mode whenever he would meet me. He never let me touch his phone and whenever I asked why he kept his phone off, he’d say he didn't want anyone to disturb us. 

I knew something was fishy. Meanwhile my phone was always with him. He knew all my passwords. This continued for months. Sometimes I used to get irritated. 

So once I decided to spy on him just to clear out things. My trust broke into a million pieces that day. He was flirting with six girls at that moment, I literally shivered with anger. The worst part was to know that he was sexually involved with one more girl. I wanted to die in that moment. 

I gathered all the strength to meet him immediately. He was the same commanding Sanjay I knew so well. With all my anxiety and sorrow, I asked him for the truth. The bitter fact was true. He finally accepted it.

What would I do? Screw him? Blast him and break up in that moment? Move on? Any girl would do that right? Even if she was married, she would have divorced him. But in my case I don't know if I had gone nuts, I wished to stay with him even after that. I forgave him. 

I gave him one more chance. I just told him we'll leave that in our past. "Let us start a new relationship where we both stay loyal." Because I wanted him. I loved him irrespective of whatever he had done. Ultimately, I felt the happiness in forgiving someone. 

That feeling was awesome. Moreover when I saw him, I felt like my baby had made a mistake and I could forgive him like a mom would forgive her child. He has promised me that he will never make me regret my decision. I can only hope for the best.