The Harsh Truth About Seeing The Person You Love With Someone Else

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 29 August, 2017

When I was studying in 11th standard, I had a beautiful classmate. Although I didn't talk to her much at that time, after my 12th, I decided to join the coaching classes for JEE and she decided to go for medical coaching classes.

One day I received her message on Facebook, I was delighted and smiled. We started chatting and finally exchanged numbers. The messages soon got converted into phone calls. We shared everything with each other as we talked for hours! It was her way of dropping the call by saying, 'Love you!'

Then one day I thought that it was the right time to propose her. She replied, "You're such an amazing person that you can get any nice girl." I confessed that I needed only her.

She tried to console me saying that she wouldn't break her parents' trust. She was there only for the studies and nothing else. I agreed and didn't force her. We continued being friends. Anyway, we continued talking to each other like always.

She even asked me to meet her whenever she needed me. A few days later, a friend of mine told me that the girl I loved the most, was in love with someone else. It was impossible to believe him. I yelled at him, asking him to leave immediately. He defended himself saying that if I didn't believe him, he could prove it to me the next day. 

I half-heartedly agreed but I wanted to prove him wrong. Hence, I accompanied him. I saw a guy continuously kissing her hand. I felt ditched and shattered.

All I wanted was to get an honest reply from her. She was my friend too. I wanted her to let me know the truth. I wouldn't have bothered her anyway.