She's Marrying A Man Her Parents Chose For Her And I Still Don't Know What Went Wrong Between Us

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 18 February, 2017

I joined an organization about 10 years ago. I was working with the sales team. There was this sweet girl who used to sit across the hallway. I used to look out for her and used to find her working really hard as she was always engrossed in her work. I believed that she was good luck for me as whenever I caught a glimpse of her, that day at work turned out great.

I was always looking for a chance to approach her.

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months but to no avail. I did not exist in her world. One day I decided to take the matter in my hands and I messaged her on our office messenger. I don’t know why but I just wrote to her, "You're lucky for me and I would like to talk to you."

Being the kind girl that she is, she told me that it was my hard work that worked for me and not luck. But she agreed to be my friend.

So we started chatting a lot on the office messenger but never exchanged our phone numbers. Once we decided to meet outside office but ended up waiting for each other at different places as we did not have each other's phone numbers. Next day at office we finally exchanged our phone numbers because we felt the need. 

We started talking regularly on the phone after that and I was really excited to know what a beautiful heart she had. I learnt a lot from her during this time. However, destiny had other plans for us. As we were falling in love, her parents found a suitable match for her. I did not want to lose her so I asked her to marry me.

She spoke with her parents but could not convince them because we belonged to different religions. She finally decided to marry the guy of her parents' choice.

I was heartbroken but with time I realised that she did a brave thing. I probably had many flaws and she deserved a lot better. I just pray to God that she gets the best man and lives a happy life.

One part of my heart wants to know what went wrong in our relationship. The relationship that taught me things like patience, compassion and self-worth. I really want to say sorry to her if I ever hurt her and I hope to get my answer some day.

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