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I Got Cheated On By My Boyfriend And My Two Best Friends: It'll Never Stop Hurting

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*For representational purpose only.

I was in my senior school years, a happy jubilant girl and friendly with almost everyone in school, but the person I was most close to was my best friend. I loved her like a sister.

We were inseparable, until one day she decided to play cupid to set me up with this guy who used to be my senior but took a year drop due to jaundice, and was in my class presently. He was love; his tall, dark and handsome figure, his eyes and that smile, he took my heart away.

To my surprise, the day after my birthday, I got a beautiful gift, he had decided to make me his girlfriend.

We became inseparable and were so much in love that the whole school talked about us and loved us. After my family, the two most important people in my life were my best friend and my boyfriend, whom I trusted the most, and by then my best friend also found a guy who was a really nice person, and all of us used to hang around together.

Everything was going smoothly, but gradually some problems started arising. My best friend’s boyfriend acted immature at times, even though he loved her a lot, whereas my boyfriend was a mature guy. Due to this, she used to compare her boyfriend with him a lot. Slowly, my best friend started to feel that I had changed, and I had stared dominating her, just because I gave her honest suggestions.

She used to be very frank with all other boys, except her own boyfriend, and I told her that even if you’re a clean person, people with not see the real picture, and you cannot stop gossips from surfacing.

We had another friend, and my best friend didn’t like her much, because she would flirt around with guys a lot (including her boyfriend). One day, she told me that she tied my boyfriend a Rakhi, and now he was her Rakhi brother. Boy, was I relieved!

But suddenly, I saw my best friend being unusually friendly with this girl. It was surprising because they didn’t get along well. I felt that something was fishy but I ignored my gut feeling, I thought, maybe she needs some time and a different company to sort out the differences that we had developed.

I didn’t have much privacy at home, so during vacations, I used to contact my boyfriend through my best friend. He used to send her texts written in codes, which she would forward to me. All of this seems stupid in this world where technology is trending, but this was how our generation loved.

During this process, my bestie and my boyfriend got to have many more conversations than I had with my boyfriend during vacations. She also became very close to the other girl, and even added her to our closely-knit group.

The main problem was that this other girl had also become very close to my boyfriend. She had become very clingy about him, but since she had tied a Rakhi on his wrist, I could not say anything.

One of the biggest mistakes I made was that I did not trust my sixth sense. I knew something wrong was going on, but I thought I was overthinking.

Soon, I became distant with my bestie and my boyfriend. My problems would always fall on their dead ears. Whenever I confronted him about this newfound sister of his who was so abnormally close to him, he reassured me by saying that he considered her as a sister, and nothing else.

Soon, things between me and him started getting ruined. We started having fights which began from nowhere and led to nowhere, and in the blink of an eye, my whole world changed.

I used to be the happiest girl around, and I soon became the girl caged in hell.

Once, my boyfriend had to go outside the city with his family, so we had no source of conversation. We used to fight a lot, but he was the only person I spoke with in those days, so I was very upset. After he came back, I got to know that his Rakhi sister had made a boyfriend of the same name.

After this, my boyfriend told me that he wanted to break up with me. Nothing worse could have happened to me at that point in time. I ran crying into the washroom, and when I came out, he told me that he just wanted to act like we broke up, because his Rakhi sister had proposed to him the other day, and he wanted to teach her a lesson by accepting her proposal and dumping her later on. He promised he would make it up to me in front of everyone later. And I, like a very stupid girl, agreed for his plan.

Slowly, I saw him coming close to her and my bestie, and was broken to know that it was my own best friend who played cupid in setting them up. It was becoming difficult for me to continue this, so I went back to my boyfriend and told him that I cannot act anymore.

“If you love me truly, then accept me in front of everyone, and this will teach her a better lesson.” In response to this, he said “We’ll see” with a blank face.

That is when I understood that I let him make a fool of me. I was just a simple teenager who loved her boyfriend and best friend with an innocent heart, and this is what I got in return.

At that moment, my entire class supported me, but all of it didn’t matter, because my fight was against the people I had loved the most. Those two months were similar to hell. Whenever I saw them together, my heart sank a little. I started blaming myself for all the destruction in my life, and prayed everyday that if only he could understand his mistake and come back to me.

Slowly, I started recovering and made other friends. I saw that my ex and his girlfriend’s relationship was diminishing, and my old best friend was on talking terms with me.

It is said "Forgive not to forget, but to move on with the lesson you gather from the experience" and hence, I forgave her, but she had lost her place in my heart.

One day, she told me that she did a terrible mistake by setting them up. She said that the his girlfriend was a flirt, and would always try to find excuses to break up. She also told me that maybe my ex misses me.

They broke up in three months, and after that I saw my ex being over friendly with the girl I used to call my best friend once upon a time. He also tried talking to me, but I was a different person now. Much stronger than before.

One day, she came to me and said, “If someday, your boyfriend becomes mine, how would you feel? I am just asking.” I smiled and said, “Okay, do that.”

As if I cared after all the drama that happened already. Things became pretty clear when I saw them romancing around in the balcony on the fourth floor, which was the area where couples would hang around most of the time.

And then came the great announcement. “We are a couple.” I lost the minimum respect I had for them that day.

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