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She Was My First Love And I Never Thought I Would Meet Her In Such A Condition

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She was crossing the road and I was in the car with my wife and kids. It has been 3 years since I saw her, and what a surprise that she still carried that beauty and charm. She was my first love, my forever crush. I kept looking at her and she also noticed me. Our eyes met and while looking at me, she was slowly crossing the road when from nowhere a car came and hit her.

Yes, it was a drunk and drive case. He hit her and didn’t even stop the car.

I was shocked. My eyes couldn’t believe what I just saw. In a moment, she was in the air and with a bang, she fell down on the ground. I immediately ran to her. Other people had also gathered around her but no one dared to touch her. I sat on the road looking at her and tears rolled down my face. That black tar road was now covered in red and I was screaming for help, asking people to call the ambulance. Someone from the crowd said that ambulance was on its way. I kept looking at her. She looked at me and tried to say something but I was in my own muse and I kept repeating, “Nothing will happen to you, Veena. Hold onto your hopes.”

In her eyes, I could clearly see the pain she was going through and she still tried to smile.

In the meanwhile, the ambulance had arrived and I put her on the stretcher and got inside it. I was so scared that I was holding her hand tight and was praying to the Almighty to save her. We reached the hospital and two men from the crowd who had accompanied me helped with fill up all the formalities.

She had lost all her consciousness and they rushed her to the ICU.

The nurse said to find her more details and inform her family. I tried to ask her if her life was in danger, to which she replied that I should check with the doctor. I sat down completely broken and my mind had stopped working. The stranger suggested that we can find the details in her purse and so I grabbed the bag from his hand and searched for her mobile. Luckily, I found her mobile but we couldn’t unlock it. By God’s grace, there was an incoming call from her husband.

I answered the call and his husband said, “Where are you? Baby is crying without you at home.”

I wiped my tears and said hello. He sounded a little confused and asked me who I was as this was his wife’s number. I asked him not to panic and informed him that his wife had met with an accident. He was shocked and said that he was coming to the hospital right away.

By then, those strangers from the street had left and I was waiting alone for the doctor to come out with some good news.

A thousand things were going through my mind then. The very first was when I saw her – her smile and chubbiness was a charm. We both had loved other but expressed it. I decided not to because there was a huge age gap between us. In fact, when I got married she was still studying. But as they say, the first love always remains in your heart. I couldn’t stop my tears. I knew how much I loved her and my heart was beating so fast to see her in such a condition.

Her husband, brother, and father came running and enquired about her to the security. I wiped my tears and walked towards them. I handed over her bag and phone and they asked if I was the one who admitted her to the hospital. I nodded my head and he started asking how it happened. I didn’t know what to say. How could I tell them that I was responsible for this?

If she hadn’t crossed the road looking at me, she would have noticed the car and nothing would have happened.

Her father repeated the question so I explained to them the whole scenario. They started crying and the doctor came out of the ICU. The doctor said that she was still in critical condition and anything can happen. There is a 99% chance that she might not survive because of a major head injury. Everyone broke down but all I could do was to stand still and hold on to my tears.

I walked out of the hospital, took a rickshaw, and reached home.

 The minute I got in, my wife shouted at me and asked me why I had left her alone on the road with 5 years and 6 months old baby. She didn’t know driving. People were yelling at her to take the car and by some third person's help, she had to reach home. You should first see if your family is safe and later go to help others. I didn't say a word; my dad came out of his room and said, “What happened, Hari? Why do you look so disturbed?” I hugged him tight and cried my heart out. My mother and wife stood confused, my mom asked if the person whom I had admitted died or what. I said, “No ma, please don't say that. Just pray for her that she gets well soon.” My mother asked me to take bath and clean myself up.

I walked into the washroom, removed my shirt and that's when I noticed that my shirt was filled with her blood.

I finished my bath and came out, and my mother came in with a cup of coffee and we both sat on the cot. She offered me the coffee and I said no as I wasn’t in the mood. I laid down on her lap and she was caressing my hair. She said, “I know you are too sensitive for someone and this is your good heart that you are crying so much for that girl. She will be fine.” I spoke nothing and I saw my wife walking out of the washroom with the shirt which had her blood stains. I screamed at her when she said that she was talking my shirt to wash. I said her don’t even dare to touch and grabbed the shirt from her and went to the balcony.

After a few minutes, my wife came to me and said that she had never seen me like this before. She wanted to know what it was and if personally knew that girl. I nodded my head and told her that she was my first love. No wife would be happy to know that her husband had loved someone else once, she cried. But then, she asked me to let us go to the hospital and pray for her health. She also wanted to see her. We both reached the hospital but all I saw was that her entire family was standing in front of the ICU and crying loudly. My heart started beating double time faster. I went to her brother and enquired about Veena. He said that she had left us all. I couldn't hide my tears anymore. I stood there all broken but my wife took me to somewhere quiet and let me cry until my tears dried up.

We came back to the ICU and they got her body out. As soon as I saw her face, I ran away from there.

It has been two years since she left us and this world but even today, I have that shirt with blood stain. I know nothing can bring her back now and I can never forgive myself for being the reason for that little baby living in this world without her mom.

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