She Was My Childhood Crush And It Hurt Me To See Her With Someone Else

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It was the time when I had passed out of 12 and was pursuing BCA from Bangalore. After the exams, I was back to Allahabad (my hometown) and was hanging out with friends on the street when all of a sudden, I saw my whole life. In short, I met a girl from my school whom I had a crush on but because of my stupid friend who suggested me not to propose her, I didn’t.

She was looking so pretty that I can’t even imagine. I went to her and said, “Hi.” She said “Hi” too and then we walked away. At that time, I felt that it was my biggest mistake not to propose her. Even though our caste didn’t match, I loved her a lot.

Then from that day, I searched her on Facebook and sent her a friend request.

She was online and we started chatting. Then I asked her for her WhatsApp number and she easily gave me it to me. I was blushing then and we started meeting outside. I was very happy. My vacation was over but I extended it by two weeks for her.

One day, I texted her to play a game called ‘five truths.’ She agreed. I asked her if she had any boyfriend and she said yes. I was shattered but then she asked me if I loved her. I was feeling so depressed that I wished her good night and was about to go to sleep when she insisted to answer her. I replied to her, “Yes, from the first day, I saw you.”

And then, she said, “I care for your feelings but my boyfriend loves me too.”

That night, I slept crying all night and then, the next morning, I got a good morning text from her. Although it wasn’t a good one I still replied. And then, it hit me that she liked me too, perhaps, that’s the reason she asked me. So I started wishing her with morning texts every day and when she was offline, I would stare at her photos and kiss her. One day, I asked her to marry me and she said nothing.

From that day onwards, I started telling her ‘I love you’ every day.

Then after a few days, she said, “I don’t want to give you fake feelings and I love you too that’s why stay away from me. It will be good for both of us.” I know she said all of it because she didn’t want to see me hurt.

That was the last day when I texted her. We haven’t spoken to each other since then and here I am still waiting for her to say ‘yes.’

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