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She Was All I Could Dream Of But Then I Got To Know That She Was Engaged

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I was determined to join the Indian army. I was preparing for CDS. But I failed to fight for my dreams when I got a job offer through campus interview. I wasn't happy only after one year of my corporate life. I was the only bread earner so I couldn't quit my job.

I wasn't earning much yet I continued working for next three years in the same company. I had a crush on a very pretty colleague of mine and I am not a very good looking person. Hence, I had least expectations of being able to talk to her.

However, God had other plans and we started talking through a mutual friend. I was building confidence and I became her friend. Things seemed to be working in my favour.

I noticed that many others were interested in her and I felt jealous. I asked her to tell people that she was engaged so that people didn't develop feelings for her. She said that she was indeed engaged to someone else. I was shocked and disappointed. I confessed my feelings and we ended up fighting. I wondered why I wasn't told about her status.

I couldn't concentrate on my work and soon got distracted. I had to leave the job and now I've joined a new one. I am unable to get over her but I'm trying to live for the sake of my parents who aren't at fault. They are the ones who need me and love me the most. I just want my life to get back on the right track and I wish to be happy again.

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