She Used Me And Left The Most Insecure Man Behind: I Don't Know What To Do Now

P I P I in Life Is Tough on 1 April, 2017

I was doing my Post-graduation with her when something happened that shouldn't have ever happened. I don't know about myself but she noticed me every day. I was always busy with my group mates.

I was a very happy and confident guy back then, till the day she walked up to me when I was sitting with my group of friends. She asked me out but I was not interested at that time.

After a few days I said yes and we started dating. We cared a lot about each other. After a few months, I even introduced her to my friends despite all their warnings. They said, "She is not a good girl." I didn't listen of course. 


Just for her, I fought with my best friend, group mates and even left the group. Everything was going fine, we were happy. During college placement, she got placed in one of the best multinational companies in Noida and I got placed with a start-up because I didn't meet the 60% criteria.

She got a new work environment, people and a new life of course at the MNC. Everything was still going fine. Once the training was over, she was doing very well with her team and me too.

One day she told me there was one guy who was around 3 years older than her, who asked to give her a lift and she said yes. I didn't know that would be the turning point in our relationship.

Company cab dropped her at a bus stand and her home was 15 minutes away so I allowed her because I trusted her. After one month, due to some problem, my company terminated me. That time I was really depressed that I lost my job but after a few days thankfully, I got another one.

But now when I needed her the most, she wanted to break up. She said, "My parents are looking for a boy and my marriage will be fixed in the first half of this year." In that very moment, I asked for her hand in marriage but she refused and that was the biggest shock of my life.

She said, "It's too late, I can't marry you" and started giving nonsensical reasons for the same. She even prepared a list of our small fights and sent it to me on whatsapp. And said, "That's why I don't want to marry you." Everything happened all of a sudden, she stopped talking to me, blocked my number, everything.

After a few days she told me on Facebook that her mom spoke with her step father about the guy who dropped her home the other day. I almost begged her that day. I asked her not to leave me like this. 

I was confused so I asked her, "Why that guy?" Her answer was, "He's from the same caste."

She gave me many stupid reasons for our break up, just to be with that guy. And I, just to be with this girl, overlooked many marriage proposals that came my way during this relationship because I was serious about her. My friends said to me many times, "You are very smart, any girl would marry you." But I wanted to be with her, I loved her.


By breaking up with me without giving me any closure, she's hurt my self-confidence to a point of no return. I feel insecure, I feel like I'm nothing in front of that guy. 

I know she lied, I'm very sure, but I have no way to find out. And I don't know what I can do now.