She Got Engaged While We Were Still Dating

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 14 August, 2017

The first day I saw her, I fell in love. She was so beautiful.

Her pale skin, her long hair and her smile quickly made me fall in love with her. She was beautiful on the outside as well as inside. She talked about helping the poor and building orphanages. I thought I had lucked out.

After a year of constantly spending every day talking over the phone or meeting each other, I finally confessed my love for her and she reciprocated. It had to be the best day of my life. It was like a fairytale and I felt proud to have found the love of my life.

In the second year of our courtship, problems began. She was from the North and I was from the West. Nothing matched, our cultures and family values. Her mother disliked me and threatened to disown her if she continued her relationship with me. The month before our fourth year anniversary, she went back home citing her mother's illness and I let her go.The next day after her departure, I got a call from her friend that she was engaged and was soon getting married and I was not supposed to call her.

I did not know what to do anymore. After many tries, I finally got hold of her and what she said changed my life. All my dreams were shattered in front of my eyes. She told me that she had stopped loving me long time back. She was only with me because she needed my help in her work and because she was worried that I would hurt her.

She told me that I should move on and after that never called me back. She is now happily married to a rich businessman while I am still trying to find normalcy in my life.