She Didn’t Let Me Follow My Dreams Because She Was Obsessed With Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 22 August, 2017

I had never been in a relationship before, until she came in my life. She knew me from school times, I had no idea who she was.

In the year 2014, I was in Delhi pursuing my graduation in Mass Communication. My friend and I were going back to our room after having a drink. We were in the metro when she suddenly came and said, "hey you are here, I was not expecting to see you here.”

I didn't know her, I had seen her in school a few times but didn't know her personally. We ended up talking and sharing numbers.

Then we started meeting and became good friends. She was my only a female friend at that time, I started liking her and I was sure that she had the same feeling for me. She confessed that she had a huge crush on me since school time. I was shocked.

No other girl had ever made me feel so special. She lived far away from me but she changed her house so that we could meet more. We started our intense relationship. I was happy, I told everyone including my family about her and she did the same. We'd had sex everywhere; her place, my place, at the tour, everywhere possible.

She even met my parents in Jharkhand (our native place) at my cousin's marriage. My mom loved her, everything was perfect. Then, I graduated and got a decent job in Delhi. She was still in her last year. I got a 9-5 job but that was not what I wanted. Ever since I opened my eyes, I wanted to make films.

I got a job as a blogger, I made some money. But what changed everything was that she didn't want me to go anywhere. She wanted a live in relationship, and then get married. I told her that it was not possible. I had to travel in order to pursue my dreams but her obsession with me was way too much to handle.

Then one day, we had a talk regarding our future and she gave me two choices. I had to choose between her and film-making. The next day I left, without any answer, I went to shoot my first film. At that point I made it clear that the only thing I wanted was films.

I still talk to her, I still love her, and I know she loves me too. She is in a relationship with someone else. I don't know whether that was love or something else but I didn't feel that ever again, probably never will, quite frankly I don't want to feel it again, I am more than happy right now.