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She Chose Money Over Love, Exactly How Her Brother Said She Would

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Varnika; the one name that has changed my life and my perspective on love completely.

I’ve always been busy with my friends and I was in my first semester of college when I heard her voice for the first time. Our teacher was taking the daily attendance and she called out, “Varnika”. There was something about the way she responded that had me smitten in a heartbeat.

It took me three months to convince her to date me, and on Feb 2nd, we celebrated our 6th anniversary. Of course, with all the love that she had to give me, we also had the feat of separation hanging over our heads. Her father didn’t think my family was one that would match his daughter’s needs or desires.

They are looking for a groom who can feed her thousands of rupees, as opposed to someone who would love her, respect her and keep her happy.

I found a way to talk to her brother, Tarun, thinking it would help us out. But I was highly mistaken! He made me realize just how important money is. His exact words to me were, “Love is something that you’ll get after marriage also! It’s not that tough!”

I thought his IIT education would have been enough to knock some sense into him but clearly, that hasn’t helped him.

Meanwhile, I got admitted to a prestigious Canadian University for my masters, but once more Tarun came along with his petty thoughts and told me, “If you go to Canada, get ready to forget her.” Instantly, I decided to give up that admission and stay here, close to Varnika; while also shattering my parent's dreams. I changed my job in less than two years to get a raise; another demand by Tarun.

All of this for just another shock that was awaiting me.

We were from two different states, two different religions and so naturally, our parents had absolutely nothing to see eye to eye on. Apart from that, her parents thought that my family wasn’t good or deserving of her or for their family.

I thought, believed, that my girl will support me, but her heart had changed. Especially when we went on with our jobs.

Money overpowered love and one day, she texted me saying, “Nothing is going to happen for us. It’s best that you forget me and live a happy life ahead.” My heart began pounding so fast that I couldn’t even hear my own heart beating.

I begged her not to do this, but all she could reply was, “You’ll be okay. Please don’t message me again.”

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