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No Matter What Goes Wrong, First Love Is Always Special

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It all started in 2009.

I was a young, vibrant, 18 years old- a teenage girl full of life. I come from Assam but I was in Chennai for a month for my father's treatment. It was 2nd of May in 2009, and as I woke from my slumber, I saw a silhouette of a man coming downstairs. At that very moment, I lost my heart to him, my love. Ours was a long-distance relationship, and in the span of 4 years, he never came down to visit me in spite of doing job and earning well, and I could not visit as I was just a student.

He used to make me sit in front of my laptop for video chats and ask me to undress myself. I used to be in tears as he was not attracted to me or my face, but body was all that interested him. But I still kept on loving him.

Then suddenly on 9th May 2013, he decided to part ways with me and left me broken and shattered. I was in utter shock as he meant the world to me, and now suddenly he left me midway. After a year, again I went to Chennai. He forced me to meet him though we were no more lovers. Coincidentally it was my birthday, and I was travelling to Assam all alone and there in the airport, I met him for the first time in person.

I ran to him and hugged him. I was crying because I was so shattered by the thought that I was touching for the first time. I had my first kiss at the airport, but it was all in vain because he was no more mine. I was just another friend for his.

It's 2017, I still go through his Facebook profile and keep a track of his life events. There is still this pain of not getting my love but as it is said, if it is not a happy ending, it's not the end. I am happily settled with my current boyfriend and trying to give him all my love, and trying to move on from my past.

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