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My Husband's Ex Neglected Their Child But I Love Him Like My Own Baby

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I was very happy as I had fallen in love with a man who was nine years older than me so he had learned every point on how to make a woman happy and satisfied. In 2009, he first contacted me. I was too young to understand the difference between human and wolf. We had lots of ups and downs but I was strong and always managed to save our relationship. In the beginning, he would beg me to allow him to be my friend and then one day it was like lightning had struck me.

When I was alone with him at his friend’s place, it was like pure black magic. I just knew that I love him.

Later in 2013, we started fighting a lot and told me that he had to be present in his younger sister's marriage. We both are from different states in India. Once he was there, he tried to break up with me but even at that time, I couldn't understand the true reason behind his anger. Later he told me that he needed to say something but couldn't say it. So he gave me his younger sister's phone number. I gave her a call immediately, only to find out that it was not only his younger sister's wedding but his too. He was getting married. I had done a lot for this guy, from spending lakhs of money on him, which my father would give me as I am his most loving daughter. My boyfriend was ashamed to tell me the truth. The truth that his so-called marriage with his cousin as he is a Muslim so cousin marriages are acceptable in their religion. Everything was over for me. I had nothing else to lose. My swollen eyes said it all. On the day of his marriage, I had no more tears to shed. My good friend, Chamin, was crying instead of me. I had no energy to say anything, everything was shattered.

Later my boyfriend did not stop calling me because he knew that I got to know the whole truth. I rejected his calls.

But to my wrath, he wouldn’t stop. I truly loved him. For once, I changed my mind and received his call only to hear him cry out loud like a baby and he narrated the whole story to me. He was being forced into this marriage. Nobody in his family had the guts to stop this forceful marriage. The girl was his cousin, his aunt’s first daughter, a clerk’s daughter and a teacher by profession. She had been dumped by four men from her age group. As she was four years elder to my boyfriend, he went to sadhus and peer babas to break his engagement, but I advised him not to do such stupid acts. He told me how his engagement had once broken and now they had patched up again due to parent’s pressure. The reason for calling off the engagement was that my boyfriend had called up his cousin sister who was four years elder to him, aka his fiance and cleared the air and told her how much he disliked her and if this marriage happens then it would end up in divorce. That woman created a big drama at her home, crying like a widow and told everyone how my boyfriend had insulted her and has made a joke out of her.

She was actually dumped by all her lovers and now even her cousins didn’t want to marry her because of her loose character.

My boyfriend and I couldn’t do anything. His parents gifted her gold ornaments worth 13 lakhs as he is the only son but he does have sisters. Soon, they got married and my boyfriend’s younger sister also got married. My boyfriend and I never broke up because he would die without me. Whenever I would talk of separation, he would just break apart. He hated his cousin. They lasted only one month together until he came back to me, only to never return to her. Nine months passed, one day out of the blue his sister called me. I received the call to hear the news of the birth of a child, a baby boy. This was no ordinary baby, this baby was born to that other woman and it was my boyfriend’s baby. I never imagined in my ****** life that I would have to face such a situation. It felt like someone stabbed me from behind. That someone was the man I loved, it was his deed that I was being punished for.

My boyfriend’s sister told me that their cousin had given birth to a baby boy in a government hospital and had left after delivery. She had now dumped the baby boy in that government hospital and returned back to her home with her parents. She had pre-planned to leave the baby in the hospital and thought that my boyfriend would beg her to come back to feed the baby. But my boyfriend didn’t want to see her face again, and he was on my feet, asking for forgiveness. I told his younger sister to send me the baby's picture and when she did, I fell in love with my boyfriend’s baby. Then I travelled to his state and gave a name to his baby as my own. Today I am married to his father, and my baby boy is three years old. He already calls me 'mummy'.

My husband and I provide for him with whatever he wants and needs but we couldn’t give him breast milk. He is immensely attached to us and we cannot imagine life without him. I love you, my dear son.

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