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My Husband Respects Every Relationship In His Life Except Ours

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My husband is the best person you can ever come across in your entire life. My husband is an obedient son, he can do anything for the love of his parents, even stay away from his newly wedded wife so that she serves, looks after them, and caters to their needs, while he resolves to never take her to his workplace. He is loyal to them, can marry anyone for their sake, and can even stop loving his wife because she apparently disobeys his parents by answering back to them.

She offends them by thinking about her family when she clearly has to prioritize his, by not being an ideal bahu and by raising her voice because, if you raise your voice for the right, you are never going to earn your husband's respect and support.

My husband is also the best brother any girl can ever get. His devotion to his elder sisters is so powerful, that he will believe in any complaint they lodge against his wife, even if they are false allegations. Not only this, he also has vowed to look after their needs, and be at their service whenever they need him, even if it leads his marriage to ruin and go straight in the gutter. For him, his sisters must be with him in a trip, even if his wife is not a part of it. My husband is an amazing uncle (mama). With the kind of love and attention his nieces get from their mama, he does not even plan to have his own children, for he fears he might pour all his love onto his children and forget his nieces. His love for his nieces is so profound, he will ignore his newly wedded wife and her needs, but never theirs. For him, walking next to his youngest niece is more important than walking next to his wife. His smiles are broader when he is with them. My husband is a true friend. He may not take his wife for honeymoon even for two days citing his busy schedule but will surely make time to attend a friend's sister's wedding taking place two thousand kilometres away, because, for him, friendship stands above his own marriage. He respects his friends and their opinions, even if he must shut his wife up for even having one.

He knows how to treat a lady friend, and cannot bear the fact that his wife gets appreciated by her male friend. But yes, he is a great friend, for he laughs and jokes wholeheartedly in front of them and they make his heart soar, something he can never do with or for his wife.

She is not allowed to crack jokes without thinking ten times, and if by chance she does so, she has to tolerate his wrath, because after all, she is his wife! My husband is the best colleague you'll ever find. He will accept lovey-dovey gifts from colleagues of the opposite gender and keep them safe even if he shows hints of disapproval when his wife asks to meet his colleagues because, hey, he loves to keep his professional and personal life separate. He will go out on lunches with them, will invite them to his wedding even if he cannot tolerate his wife talking to them for his birthday surprise that she had been planning all this while. He is the best junior, he will touch your feet and take your blessings even if he never does the same for his wife's parents. My husband is the best husband in the world. He will make love to you only when it pleases him and not you. He will not take you out alone, he will always make plans for family trips which includes his family and not yours. He will be okay if you have to run to the kitchen to cook some extra chapatis for his brother even though he objects you asking for a cup of tea if his brother is making some of himself. He is truly caring, he never wants to spend time alone with his newly wedded wife because he fears he might end up making love to her.

He is not jealous of all the attention his wife might receive from other men for he knows she can never attract any man with her bland looks and fat body.

He is okay if she has to spend nights away from him at her home. He knows that death is inevitable, so he never loves her with the fear of losing her to death. He will make sure he remembers the one bad thing you did in the past and nothing can ever make up for it, even if it is something as small as poor cooking skills. He lives in the present and does not want to remember what he shared with his wife during their courtship period. He forgets about all the love they had in between them because of the fact that she is apparently not able to become a good daughter in law. He wants to improve his wife's manners and so he complains about her to her parents and would never be able to recall a single good thing about her because that might make her feel confident and that's not what he wants for her.

My husband is clearly the best person you can ever meet, and I love him for what he is!

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