My Former Love Who Made Me A Man, I Wish You Never Read This

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 9 August, 2017

I wish you never read this as I don't want my name to be flashed in your mind again, not for a fraction of a second. I am not even worth remembering my love. And I want you to wipe me out from your mind, from your soul, from everywhere. As I was not the guy who was eligible for you to spend your whole life with. I hope you are enjoying your life as much as you can. The real way you want to lead your life.

A step towards fulfilling your dreams that I will never understand (that's what you think). Go ahead and conquer the world, this is what I wish from my heart.

We were in a relationship for more than 5 years. It's true that we didn't have a smooth relationship of 5 years like you had dreamt of but that's life my girl. We all go through different phases, sometimes smooth and sometimes tough. This was the bad phase of our life when we broke up, broke up but could never really live apart. Am I right? And you know what my love, the best part about our break up is that I got you in my life for my whole life.


You will never know my love, why I allowed a friend of mine to abuse you from my phone and after that when you wanted an explanation, I yelled at you like never before. This wasn't the real story my girl. It was all a well planned story and I successfully ended it. I know that you didn't expect this kind of behavior from me and you were sad for everything but I have to do this for your future.

I didn't want to be the reason for ruining your dreams. And with me you could have never achieved your dreams. I planned everything so that you could start hating me and if possible, you'd forget about my existence.

The girl that called you from my number is not the culprit, she abused you because I asked her to do this. I shouted at you and made you believe that I was fully drunk but I wasn't. The decision you made of break up with me was your choice and I don't want you to feel guilty about it. I want you to realize that you have taken a right decision. And to prove to you that I wasn't a good guy for you after all.

I had to do that! You forgot the words you had said to me 1 year 7 month 22 days ago, that "I don't have a life, I can't support my family." But I never forget those words, they always echo in my mind. Those words changed my life.

From a cheerful boy I became a man who only wanted to earn the money while suppressing his dreams.

Today when my friends go for an outing, I sit in a cubical and start coding or do graphics to earn more money. The reason is you my beautiful girl. I am no more a cheerful boy who you met in 10th grade. The reason is you my lovely girl. You broke me from inside but I will be fine my love. May you get the man who earns more than me.

Stay blessed.

Your Ex,