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My Dear Ex, You Won’t Be Hearing From Me Again

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I had packed your birthday gift, months ago. But now it sits here, as a showpiece in my cupboard, gathering dust, because we never met.

When I met you at our office event, you were just another colleague. As you started talking to me, I warned myself not to fall for anyone. This was after my first breakup and I had decided to be firm with myself. No more flings. 

Despite my best efforts, our conversations, your caring nature and charisma only kept attracting me more towards you.

Soon, our innocent colleague-friendship turned into incessant texting through the day, and late into the night. I even warned you, rather, requested, that we shouldn’t take this any further. That my heart wouldn’t be able to handle another ending it didn’t deserve.

More than that, I didn’t want to lose you; you were slowly becoming my best friend. When I accepted another company’s offer, I wasn’t hurt to leave you or anyone else behind. I always knew we’d stay in touch. But of course, this is when our story began.

Initially, you missed me a lot. You asked me to be in touch with you every single day and soon, I started sharing my life with you.

For you, I was an open book.

We started meeting even more, and it didn’t take us long to introduce each other to our families. As days passed us by, we went from colleagues to friends, to best friends, to something… but as promised, we never crossed that line. Until my birthday.

I still remember, how excited we both were to confess our feelings for each other. You proposed to me on Valentine’s Day and that scared me; scared us. We couldn’t break that promise we both made to each other. To our friendship. I couldn’t bear the thought of you becoming an ‘ex’ in my life, especially since our future couldn’t be together. We were of two different castes.

Even though we tried to think of this situation maturely, the pros and cons, we were in love and suddenly that’s all that we needed.

Your problems were mine, and mine were yours. I didn’t sleep till we spoke on the phone at night and you always celebrated my successes more than I did! If this wasn’t love, then what was it? I used to love it when you kept your head on my lap, and I pampered you, like a small child. Telling you that I’d never leave you.

All those sweet nothings we whispered to each other, did they mean nothing?

I should have realized, when I ran the idea past you, about telling our families, your immediate disapproval to this, should have been a sign. All of a sudden, you began avoiding my calls. We met only four times after this. Four times, to tell me that, your family wouldn’t accept my religion. That I shouldn’t have any expectations from you. That we couldn’t carry this further. And that it was time for me to start living my life without you.

One Month Later.

He’s stopped answering my calls and my texts. He stopped replying to my emails. I stopped sleeping. I couldn’t stop crying. I haven’t stopped wondering, where I went wrong.

I prayed for my best friend to come back; I prayed for the Man I love, to come back.

Yesterday, he uploaded a picture of him and his new love. I broke, and I texted him.

She replied, with one line, “Don’t text him again.”

And yet, I texted him. Begging him to meet me one last time. To not let this be the end of us. He’s blocked me from everywhere. He still hasn’t replied to my messages.

I just have one thing to say to you,

My Dear Ex,

You left me feeling empty and broken. You left without saying goodbye or keeping the promise of staying my friend. You left without giving me answers or closing this beautiful chapter.

You have made sure that I never trust again.

I pray that you always find happiness and that you never go through what you made me live through.

My Dear Ex, you won’t be hearing from me again.


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