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My Boyfriend Broke His Promise After Becoming My Husband And Now I Don't Know What To Do

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I was a jolly child. Youngest member and most pampered in my family.

I got married as per my own choice and now it has been 3 and half years of my marriage. My grand marriage is now not filled with grand moments. My biggest regret is coming to stay together with my in laws.

I was staying alone before marriage and was soon joined by my boyfriend (now my husband) and we were very happy. Though I was promised that we would always stay in separately, because of my mother in law who always accuses me of one thing or the other.

We got married and staying in my house as before. One fine day, my husband decided we move in together, us and his family. He promised that we should give it at least a year. If any conflicts happen between me and his mom, we would get to stay separately again.

We moved in. Gradually I was losing my mental peace as everyday she started accusing me again. Then she went to US and we stayed in peace for 6 months.

She came back and I got mentally tortured again. Things did not change and I was blamed for every wrong thing in the house. Whether I was present or not.

I could not invite anyone to the house. Its 3 years and still I regret this decision. My husband turns a deaf ear to my pleas if I ask him to take a stand for me or our baby. Oh yeah, we have a lovely baby now.

I am quitting my job next month as there is none to look after her. Though they are present, yet its only me who has to look after her. I don't know where I went wrong or should I have judged the family before.

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