My Best Friend Left Me For His Girlfriend And I Hate Him For That

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 28 June, 2017

I was 14 when I first met him. It all began with an argument and as days passed, we got closer and closer. He became my best friend or soulmate as he liked to call me.

Many girls entered his life, and exited too, but I was a constant.

We shared our deepest secrets and fears with each other and I could never think of losing him until one girl entered his life and turned my life upside down. Let's call her Ann (named changed).


28th July 2015 was the day his girlfriend broke up with him and refused to tell him the reason for why she broke up. He was broken. I asked him to meet me because I knew he needed me, but he never turned up. He left me standing for an hour in scorching summer heat, and the answer that I got for being stood up was that he was too tired to meet me.

But the truth was, he had found someone else to hold his hand and comfort him, I was no more a priority.

The next day, him and Ann got into a relationship. He was in that relationship not because he loved her, but because he wanted to make his ex jealous. I stood there for him, supported him, only to be humiliated at the end.

It seemed as if she cast a spell on him within a month of dating. He stopped talking to me, and even if he did, it was only about her. Yes, I started getting jealous of Ann, but I never said anything because he seemed to be happy.


One afternoon, we were talking about smoking on WhatsApp and he told me not to smoke because I was too young, and I posted that screenshot on Hike with a caption "At least someone cares" and Ann thought that I was being really cheesy. She got insecure, and even cried to him, and just for her, he stopped talking to me.

I tried to confront Ann and asked her if she was offended by anything, her reply was, "No it's fine". I invited him to join me on my 16th birthday party, and he brought up a silly excuse. I knew he had lied. He lied to the person who did everything possible to make him happy. I was really upset and I asked him to talk to me only when he realized his mistakes. The next thing I know I was blocked on WhatsApp.

Ann then made a group chat where he told me that Ann was the most important thing in his life. He couldn't lose her, so he lied to me repeatedly. He left me when I needed him the most. He knew what I went through. He knew my struggles very well, but deliberately chose to leave me.

I was the girl who bunked classes for him, the girl who called him at odd hours just to make sure he was okay, the girl who comforted him after every breakup and helped him heal.

I would have never regretted being friends with him if only he had confronted me. If only he told me that she was his top priority, I would have left his life happily without any regrets.

But today, I regret even knowing him.

I still cry for trusting him with my eyes closed. A complete stranger became the most important person in his life just within a month, and a friendship with a strong foundation was nothing to him. He became so selfish in his urge to heal himself that he broke me, and called me a bi***. What a nice way to reward a ‘soulmate’.

I hope he suffers the same fate as I did. I hate him a lot. I can't wish the worst for him because once upon a time, he was my best friend, but I won’t wish the best for him either. 
Author's Note:

Today, I have become stronger than the day he broke me. Never be emotionally dependent on anyone.