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Love Disappears After Marriage, Here's Why

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Some say - love disappears after few years of marriage. The answer is YES.

It's true that love disappears between husband and wife after a few years of marriage because love translates into responsibility. Love is still there but the shape changes with time.

In the beginning, we all go on dates, candlelight dinners, buy gifts for each other, spend quality time with each other, share love messages, kiss each other to express our love at bedtime. But after a few years, the wife turns into a mother. Her full attention goes to her child to nurture. She pre-plans about their child'ss future even if he is two years old. Her mind is set inside the kitchen, preparing or thinking about the best for her child.

At bedtime, she'd rather see if he had his milk, brushed his teeth, slept properly. At midnight, she'll again check on him.

On other hand, the husband turns into a father and a responsible man to fulfil all the needs of the family. To think about day-to-day expenses, extra expenses of the month. He becomes frustrated because the whole day, he is in office and when he comes home there is no peace.

The wife is talking about the child who may have messed up, children are excited to play with him but he doesn't have the energy.

The moral of the story is - love comes in all shapes and sizes after marriage. So the love talks go and the craving for a peaceful sleep is what it becomes eventually. 

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