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Love And Her Soul Mate, Or Happiness And Her Husband. What Did She Finally Choose?

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This is the first part of my story: And Just Like That, What Should Have Been 'Happily Ever After' Disappeared Overnight

“Hey! I am throwing a party on the 25th in Pune and you are invited.” This was the text that Aisha received on WhatsApp one fine day. She was confused because she could not recognize the person who had sent her the text. Yes, he resembled one of her classmates from school but she could not really remember him.

She replied to the text because she was curious and after chatting for a while both of them realized that they were total strangers. The boy who had texted her was called Harsh and he had invited Aisha for his party by mistake.

Aisha had just been a wrong number for him.

They then got to know that both of them were travelling to Pune on the same night and they had got seats in the same compartment. Harsh asked her to meet him so that they could pass their time making friends during the journey. But Aisha was not too keen on meeting a stranger.

She wanted to avoid him so she said that she would meet him when the train stopped at the next station. She knew that the train would stop only after a couple of hours and she would be fast asleep by then. She knew they would remain strangers by the time they reached their destination.

But Destiny had some other plans in store for her. The train stopped after 5 minutes for some strange reason. Harsh seemed to be a nice polite guy and Aisha saw no harm in meeting him. She gave Harsh her seat number because she thought that at least boring safar hi kat jaega.

That is how they met for the first time.

They got to know that both of them belonged to the same city and had studied in the same school. Harsh and Aisha had done their engineering too from the same university. He was setting up his business now. Within a short span of time, they realized that they were not strangers anymore.

They were chatting as if they were old buddies who had met after a long time. They chatted all through the journey and by the time they reached Pune they had become really good friends.

Aisha didn’t tell him about her relationship with Jassi because she didn’t want anybody from her hometown to know about it. She couldn’t trust Harsh so soon. She thought of him as a good friend and even told Jassi about him.

Jassi too was quite cool about her new found friendship.

Meanwhile, Harsh thought that Aisha was single and started flirting with her. Aisha handled all his flirting in a very decent manner because she was already committed to Jassi.

She knew she just wanted to remain good friends with Harsh. They would talk every day and Aisha would share everything with Jassi.

Things were going along quite smoothly. One day, Aisha had to go to her hometown to attend a function there. Harsh was also travelling at the same time so they booked their tickets together.

Somehow this seemed to bother Jassi. He picked up a fight with Aisha for no real reason. Aisha was upset by his behaviour because he had never reacted like this before.

But the tickets had already been booked so there was nothing she could do about it. Aisha and Harsh had been friends for almost 2 months now. They were going to meet for the second time and this time too they were meeting on a train. It was raining heavily when Aisha boarded the train. Harsh was nowhere around at that time. She called him several times but he did not answer her calls. Aisha was angry and was getting worried now. The train was just about to leave when Harsh boarded it.

Their eyes met. He smiled. Aisha blushed and her heart skipped a beat. They started talking but they knew that there was something different between them now. They both could sense it.

It was then that Aisha realized that she did not really love Jassi. She only sympathized with him.

She had never felt what she was feeling with Harsh with Jassi or with anyone else.

Harsh was his usual flirtatious self and this time Aisha didn’t stop him from doing so. Both of them enjoyed themselves because they knew they really liked each other.

Aisha then got a call from Jassi. She realized that she had been living in a completely different world for a short while with Harsh. But she had to deal with the real world too. She asked Harsh to leave her alone for some time. She told him that she had just got a call from her boyfriend.

Harsh was shocked when he heard her saying this. But he left her alone.

Jassi started fighting with Aisha over the phone and even abused her a little. She was really annoyed by Jassi’s absurd behaviour. She then asked Harsh to return to his seat but he refused to do so. He didn’t ask Aisha about the call either.

Aisha could sense the pain in Harsh’s eyes. She realized that Harsh was the one for her.

She hugged him and he too responded passionately. He hugged her tightly. Both of them realized that their eyes were wet. They admitted their love for each other and kissed passionately. They felt complete in each other’s arms. By the time the train had reached its destination, they both had decided to commit to each other.

Aisha knew that she had found true love.

But she had to sort out things with Jassi too. She was still in a relationship with him and he was coming over to Pune just to meet her and save their relationship. Jassi did come over.

He apologized to Aisha but somehow the spark was missing in their relationship now.

Aisha didn’t want to hurt him by telling him the truth. So she simply discussed their differences and broke up with him. Jassi was devastated. He blamed Harsh for their break up and even abused Aisha.

He created a fake ID in her name on Facebook and told Aisha’s family about her relationship with Harsh. He did everything possible to make Aisha’s life miserable. Aisha was now scared of him. She was traumatized by all that Jassi was doing.

She had trusted him and had been loyal to him. She had broken up with him only when she realized that she could no longer hold on to a loveless relationship.

But he had not even thought twice before destroying her life. Harsh handled the entire situation very calmly and after a few months, Jassi stopped calling her too. Harsh’s and Aisha’s love blossomed amidst all this turmoil and they became close to each other. They lost their virginity to each other. Harsh had never promised to marry her. He was a practical guy who belonged to an orthodox Brahmin family and she belonged to a typical Muslim family.

Aisha was ready to face the world for him. She believed that she could change Harsh’s opinion about their relationship. Harsh loved Aisha more than anything else but he knew that Aisha would have to give up her loving family if he married her. He knew that Aisha loved her family a lot. They shared a dil ka soul mates wala rishta with each other.

She completed her engineering and passed out with good grades. She was placed in a reputed IT company. Harsh had brought all the luck back into her life. They had been together for 2 years now yet Harsh was not thinking about their future.

Aisha's family was pressurizing her to get married. She could no longer say "No" to marriage. So she gave in and got engaged to a guy that her family chose for her. Aisha was broken-hearted when all this happened. Harsh’s world too turned upside down and he couldn’t believe that this could be happening to them.

That was the first time that Aisha saw Harsh crying. Harsh realized his mistake now. His girl had been waiting for him. She had been ready to face the world for him and he hadn’t even tried to do anything for their relationship.

Harsh asked Aisha for two promises. One - that she would always be happy. Two – that she never lost contact with him. From that day onwards both of them cried every day. They maintained a distance with each other now. They stopped talking to each other because they wanted to forget each other. Aisha got married after a year.

Aisha gave her best to her marriage. She did not let her past affect her married life. Her husband was the best guy she could find in the world. Aisha was his world.

She settled abroad and travelled all over the world. She was blessed with good in-laws and her life was just perfect. She was doing well in her career too and she knew that she was enjoying the best kind of family life that she could hope for.

She loved her husband but deep down she knew that her soul could connect only with Harsh’s. They had broken up three years back but both of them could not forget each other.

They both stalked each other on social media and enquired about each other’s welfare 2 or 3 times in a year. They got in touch with each other again last month. They could not forget each other even after trying to get over each other for 3 years.

Aisha had changed in this time. She had become a mature, stronger and more responsible woman now. But she loved Harsh with the same intensity even today.

She couldn’t decide whether she should keep the promise that she had made to Harsh or break it and never look back again. She knew that if she kept the promise she would be cheating on her husband. But she also knew that if she broke the promise she would end up hurting Harsh.

He had never asked her for anything else – he had just asked her to keep in touch with him. She knew that Harsh would be okay with any decision that she took but she did not have the heart to hurt him anymore.

Harsh was 31 now and he was still single. He didn’t want to ruin any other girl’s life by marrying her. He had changed from an ambitious guy to a person who was just living his life. Aisha was busy with her life but she missed Harsh every day.

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