To Every New Mother In The World: Take A Break From What You're Doing Right Now And Read This

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 22 December, 2016

It is at the oddest of times that we get inspired to do something, for here I am using my two minutes break in the midst of washing clothes and working from home to write a bit about the things I've learnt by being a mother. 

"You'd know when you would have kids of your own."

We have all heard our parents say this to us and shun it away like any other thing they'd say, like the 'rebels' we were. Today I'd like to burst your little bubble and tell you, my mother was right when she told me motherhood would change me. 


From being the carefree young girl without major worries in life to the responsible woman with the task of bringing up a beautiful child, the journey has been transitional and sometimes, frustrating. But was it worth it? I'd say, more than just worth it. 

I had always been a healthy girl with occasional visits to doctors and that too for minor issues such as throat infections. Even my pregnancy period was a piece of cake with minor hiccups such as heart burns and fatigue. 

"It comes with the package," my mother would tell me.

But, the pre-delivery contractions almost killed me. They were nothing like what I had ever been through before or I had imagined. Pain from the stitches, will it ever leave? I don't know. My post-partum health issues have given me the biggest lesson of my life... health is wealth and that you have to take care of yourself as much as you would of the baby. Your child needs the best version of his or her mother. 


Savour each second of the day. Before I had my daughter, I could still while away time doing nothing. But now, I make sure I utilise every free second productively. I plan my day accordingly so that I have time for my baby, work, husband, and lastly, myself. Now that I have less time, I actually achieve way more than I did earlier.

You think you know what you are doing in life? Wait until you are a parent. Most of the time I am clueless as to how to handle a situation. I’ve learnt to accept help as it comes.

My mother and my mother-in-law are my pillars of strength and hope. My baby has introduced me to an entire new perception of life. It is in smaller things and minute experiences that I've found happiness. Her open and heartfelt laughter when she hears me talk to her creates a bubble of peace in my heart.

I learnt a lot as I grew into motherhood. It taught me things about myself and my husband that I otherwise would have never grasped.

A first-time mother faces an extensive loss of control, over time, sleep, productivity, relationships, health. It can be disheartening, but your little bundle of joy makes all of it worth it.


I'm a better person than before, evolving each day and growing along with my baby. It is not just her life that I'm shaping but my own as well. Most importantly, most people have this misconception that you are reduced to being just a mother, as if it’s a bad thing.

I feel more badass than ever since I have brought my baby into this big bad world. After all, I created something as beautiful as my baby.