Last Night I Found Out That She Got Engaged To Someone Else

Anonymous Anonymous in Life Is Tough on 19 August, 2017

I was a shy guy. I never tried to talk to girls and I was always in boys' groups. And then she became my best friend.

I did not fall in love with her at first sight. We used to talk a lot on the phone and I would flirt with her. She used to have a lot of fun while talking to me. I realized that I would not get another girl like her, so I proposed to her.

This is where my love story starts. I felt how much she loved me too. It was deep, like the ocean. But after five years, she started making excuses. She said I was a good person, but we were not made for each other. I was completely broken.

Last night, I found out that she was engaged to somebody else. He is a lot richer than her. I loved her extremely, and now I'm lost. I have this pain that never ends. I feel like lashing out, but I won't do anything, I'm not a bad guy to take revenge like that.

I'm trying to get over her. But do you know how difficult that it?

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